So it looks like this season is maybe going to be focusing on a side story? It seems this takes place at the same time as Yuusha no Shou, and while I liked this episode much more and found this turn of events really interesting, I’m not exactly sure how this ties in with the main story. That would be my main concern as they never really advertised this new group of girls, so there has to be some connection with our main cast right?

The only connection was Mebuki losing her chance as a hero to Karin, but again we still don’t quite know just yet how this is going to connect with the main story. I’m really excited to see though! So now we have a new main group of girls, led by Mebuki Kusunoki. I don’t know all their names yet, but we didn’t really focus on most of them anyway. Yumiko has a lot of presence, and I’m curious to see what Mebuki’s character brings. Honestly the one I don’t care for in the group is the brown short-haired crybaby. My god she sure doesn’t shut her mouth. :/

The whole world of Yuyuyu is interesting, so it’s great to see how else the Taisha works. Funny how Mebuki was angry that she felt like the Taisha looked at them like tools and I’m like…uhh yeah, they really do. So after making Karin the Hero of the dual blades, the failed group of heroes suddenly return when the Taisha suddenly summon them for a whole new task. They tell this group of girls the truth of their world, and with the Vertex supposedly gone, the Taisha have tasked these girls now known as Sentinels to explore outside the barrier of Shikoku to help restore the world outside to what it once was. We saw a bit outside of Shikoku before so it’s really exciting that we’ll get to see even more of it and what exactly the tasks the Sentinels will have. Again, the world of Yuyuyu is really interesting and it’s cool we’ll see a different side to things outside of what our Heroes do.

I’m not sure about the other girls, but at least with what this episode showed us, it looks like we’ll be getting a lot of focus on Mebuki. In order to honor her father, Mebuki trained at a very young age to become a Hero. She’s an intelligent and powerful girl, as she trains hard every day. Wanting to be on the same level as Karin, Mebuki gave it her all. To anyone training with her, it seemed like she was a shoe in to be chosen as the Hero, but it was shocking when Karin was chosen instead of her. But really, not so surprising. Mebuki has strength, prowess, and seems like the perfect person EXCEPT for her personality. Her reaction to Karin being chosen was both rude and childish. Being a Hero, I imagine the girls’ personality being more in tune with a sympathetic and compassionate Hero is something they would look for. We know Karin to be a bit of a tsundere, but she’s sweet and looks after others and most importantly, she doesn’t look down on others. She always showed her opponents respect. Mebuki on the other hand doesn’t, and she always looked down on the others. She really puts herself above everyone, and that was probably why she wasn’t chosen despite all of her talent. But now she has this extra chance to do something, but we’ll see how this goes.

Because we know things are going to go down. The girls already had to fight against the small Vertexes, despite the Heroes supposedly getting rid of them all. And man, I don’t think those guns are going to be all that useful in the long run. The rest of their equipment is really cool, and that Aya girl creating a barrier for them through her prayer ritual was very nice. Now, I have to wonder if their weapons and powers are going to work the same way as the Heroes. We saw Mebuki have the same mankai markings on her armor and it looks like she already used up one of them when protecting her squads. I have to wonder if the Sentinels will have to suffer the same consequences. Ugh…poor girls.

This was a pretty good set up for this story. I do think that the meeting with the Taisha and meeting the girls, and then switching back to their mission happened too quickly though. I would have liked to have seen how they prepared and trained for this, and how everything works but I feel like that last bit will be a surprise. I hope they actually get to show us bits and pieces of that training though. A bit of a weird jump and still uncertainty about the season, but I liked this episode more than the first one and I’m even more intrigued with what they’re going to do.

Also I just noticed that in the beginning of the OP, the flowers wrapping around the girls are in the places where they became disabled after using their mankai. Togo’s legs, Fuu’s eye, etc. The realization hit me and it broke my heart to see both Karin and Sonoko completely wrapped up in the flowers. How dare you remind me of their pain! T_T


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