Today’s episode featured more Japanese theme menu and Japanese people. The ones who stole the spotlight this time were Souemon and Doushun. At first sight, the two of them didn’t get along well because their countries were always at odds with each other. Ironically, both respective countries undoubtedly based on Japan, and the food they ordered were okonomiyaki. Every time they visited Nekoya, they’ll argue. Aletta’s worry was justified since it’ll bother other customers, and no one could blame her for thinking the two of them would fight again if they visited at the same time.

The Master, however, able to see through more than what it appeared to be. In spite of their constant fighting, both does have mutual respect for one another and actually closer than they made themselves out to be. Otherwise, why would they sit on the same table and eat the same menu? Souemon and Doushun actually reminded me of my Mom and her best friend. They often argue a lot, making many believed they are not on good terms. However, it’s precisely because they are arguing a lot proves that they are close. Friends don’t just be happy and getting along with one another. The fact they’re fighting means they can be honest with each other and accept their differences regardless, like true friends should.

The second part has another elf who had lived alone for 200 years in a floating island and only left with the magic research that his parents left behind. He didn’t have anyone to interact with and only has his golems for company…until he found one of Nekoya doors. Able to meet people and tried new foods after 200 years obviously would make him delighted. It’s surprising he’s able to retain his sanity being alone by himself for so long. And he came at the perfect time too, just when Master added shaved ice as seasonal menu. Tasting the dessert urged him to reproduce it himself. He already got the idea for the ice by using the blizzard spell he learned, as for the green tea taste, he will try with the medicinal herbs garden at his home. He even asked the Master to allow him take some of the sugar and salt back with him.

This made me confused though. He’s smart enough to make golems and learned magic, it never cross his mind to try finding a way to go down to the surface with his magic? Hopefully, he’ll realize this and try to find a way down instead of staying in his island. I doubt visiting Nekoya once every seven days would be enough to ease his boredom, and it won’t be good for his social skill, and life altogether. He can’t just live alone in the island for the rest of his life! DX

Okonomiyaki and shaved ice (kakigoori), aahhh…I miss eating them! The last time I ate them were during a yearly Japanese festival, which stopped no thanks to the pandemic. I knew several restaurants or stores that sells okonomiyaki, but finding the same shaved ice that I like is very difficult. (TT_TT)


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