Episode 5

Guil episode! Guil episode! Guil episode!! I thought nothing would phase me after the rollercoaster we got with Eve, but this one also managed to pack quite the punch (and probably harder than the one from Saga to Guil). I think what I liked a lot about this episode is that it was very different from the stories we had heard up until now. It focuses a lot more on the trauma Guil experienced and how that eventually locked away his ability to sing. (That being said, Robin lost his brother and Eve is a ‘kinslayer’ so they also have quite a bit going on with themselves). But ultimately, I love the message Ange gives about being there to support all of them; being the wind in their wings.

I know this wasn’t really the focus of the episode, but I would really love to learn more about Saga’s relationship with Guil. If anything, it seems like there was some extreme adoration that was never quite reciprocated. Guil’s music obviously strikes a chord with Saga and as a result Saga keeps pursuing it, only to be rejected time and time again. It’s painful to think about – Guil has this every looming feeling of loneliness and yet Saga is still trying to connect with him. Is he going about it the best way? Well, that’s debatable, but it would definitely sting knowing that some random stranger appears and whisks your friend away. And the scene where Guil leaves ECLIPSE? Oh, that was intense – watching Saga break down and seeing their marks disappear. Dimitri and Hyde took it in stride, but not everyone is so quick to let go. Ahhh, I’m stressed for when they all meet for the Visual Prison.

Speaking of that random stranger, Yutaka, seemed to be a wonderful individual. I really wish that we would have seen more of their past interactions with the two of them. We only got a brief glance at the two of them making music next to the piano together as well as their first meeting… and their last. Listen, I know this anime isn’t afraid to give us curveballs or sad moments, but every time I feel like I’m caught off guard. They really just hit you all of a sudden. Guil makes friends and people to connect with and then bam! they’re dead. I can understand why he wouldn’t be able to sing after such an event. He finally found someone to connect with in his music, and he knew that there would be a day where they would part ways, but it all came to an end so suddenly. Ah, Guil I hope that you’re able to make connections like that again.

But on that note, even though we’ve learned more about Guil, there are still plenty of questions I have about him. Nowhere did it show him revealing his vampire nature… but at the very beginning he’s shown to be having a memory with Yutaka only to be woken up with pains from the cracked heart. Did he tell Yutaka? Is there something more that we don’t know about? And is Ange somehow related to this whole thing? Much to ponder, many questions still wait.

Now, even though I’ve focused a lot on Guil, I have to acknowledge Ange in this episode as well. I really loved the song that he sang and how he really does consider them all as a group rather than just focusing on himself. I love that when he’s talking to Elizabeth, he immediately visualizes Guil in their group, despite no concrete confirmation. And even at the end, he’s continually pushing for all four of them to be OZ together. That he’ll support them and break out of the cage they are trapped in and fly towards the bright blue sky.

I’m consistently impressed with each episode that Visual Prison delivers. I’ve really enjoyed the variety in the stories and also thoroughly appreciate the range of music. I’m looking forward to the development that we get in the next episode. I promise this time, I’ll be ready for any twist they throw at us!


Episode 6

Ahhhh. This was a really cute episode for their first live! I mean, yeah, there was a fight that broke out between OZ and Lost Eden, but it was quite the joy to watch. I was pulled into everything that was happening and was just having one heck of a time. It was a great ride!

In comparison to previous episodes, I’d say that this episode was fairly simple and that worked in its favor. For the first half we have Guil surprising OZ with their first live and then we get the classic ‘hand out flyers and encourage people to come to our show’ which we see in a handful of other music anime. I like that they used Robin to spice it up. So instead of just handing out the flyers, he made use of the technology and sang a cute song right off the back. (Can you believe that we got multiple songs in this episode? I am thriving !!). Though, if I’m honest – If I saw the song that Robin performed and then showed up to the live and got something like Zankoku Shangri-La, I would be caught off guard but pleasantly surprised!

There’s just so much to enjoy about this episode. From the cute interactions leading up to the live, to Guil talking to Ange about both the importance of make-up and becoming Ange of OZ, their first performance and battle. I can’t find the words to express myself, but I really did just have a good time with this episode. Seeing their choreography for the first time was really exciting. Even though it’s the opening for the anime, I loved seeing it in a different perspective. Lost Eden’s challenge was also super intense! I loved the interactions between the two sides. We have Jack and Robin on one hand going at it and the “I’m the only one allowed to hurt you” line. Then we have Mist and Elizabeth going 2 v 1 with Eve, who is smiling during the duel. And then last but not least Guil and Saga ft. Ange tied up in the background. It really was a blast. So much was happening, and it was just high energy all around.

If I’m honest, I don’t remember much of the ending after Lost Eden took their leave, but I’m looking forward to more Visual Prisons. Plus, now Dimitri and Hyde might be getting into the mix will make it all the more intense. They don’t seem to have any particular beef with anyone (or at least in the way the Lost Eden and OZ have with varying members), but I think that’s just going to elevate everything. I mean, if the new ending theme is indicative of anything, I’m hyped for what’s to come!! That was another banger! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the series! Looking forward to the ride to come


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