Not much to say as half of the episode was a battle. We also got to see an in depth look of Togo’s side of things when it came to the fire offering and how her sacrifice would be enough to satiate the gods, so Aya ended up being saved from that fate. She accepted it rather quickly, as she pondered over her “sins” such as putting her friends in danger by destroying the wall, letting in the Vertex, many things, and forgetting about her friends and Gin.

GIN!!! That’s the only thing I care about in this episode! ToT Those flashbacks to Gin with her family, and her final fight protecting Sonoko and Togo hurt me. But then actually seeing her with Togo “on the other side” killed me, and her reassuring Togo that she doesn’t belong there and the fact that she was even there because Togo remembered her. Ohhhh my heart. I love Gin so much, I miss her! T~T It was such a surprise to see her there and it made me so happy (and sad) that we could even see her again. I’m just glad that Togo got some proper closure, and now she doesn’t feel guilt for forgetting Gin anymore. You will never be forgotten, Gin.

As for the fight in the first half, it was fine. I’m not a fan of the colors and lighting, and we got a fake out death with Miroku. I fully expected her to be dead since this series isn’t shy about torturing and killing off characters, so it was surprising that she ended up being okay. Though, I guess if they were going to kill her then they would make it more dramatic. And while their were casualties, the main group made it out okay.



Umm…what are they doing now? Suddenly after a fun Christmas board game Sonoko made for the girls, we’re now diving into NoWaYu territory. But…why? And why like this? So does that mean Mebuki’s story is done now? I haven’t read any of the source material, but as an anime-only fan I’m both confused and frustrated.

I had heard so many good things about the prequel, Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha, and I thought that if they were made another season of Yuyuyu, it would be an adaptation of that. And now that I’m seeing the snippet that they decided to show us, and the actual story being about the original heroes and the world before it was destroyed, it looks like if it had ever gotten a full adaptation then it would have been amazing. This…I don’t know what this is supposed to be. I feel like a huge chunk of NoWaYu was skipped through and we’ve already lost two characters that we don’t even know so I didn’t exactly feel for them since I’m not attached to them. I did think they were quite cute in the classroom flashback, but I don’t even know who they are. We’re about to be getting some drama with that Chikage girl next time and, again, I can’t really feel anything about it since we haven’t spent time with these girls. They seem like really cool characters and this whole story seems amazing, but I feel nothing! I do think the rage and despair of Yuna’s ancestor, Takashima, was done really well as well as Chikage’s anger at the end. And Takashima almost killing herself was brutal, but the more I watched the more disappointed I was.

And again I have to sit down and think, what is this season trying to do? I’m just so confused. It’s just giving us the side stories and how it ties to the main story? But the way it’s doing it is so messy and the worst way. I’m still unclear whether Mebuki’s story is done and over with, as it looked like the main conflict of that story was Aya maybe being sacrificed and in the end she wasn’t, so what next? We’re not sure, as we’re moving to yet another story, probably the most important story. With Wakaba’s retelling of her story, it looks like there’s a connection with Yuna, and a lot of censoring from the Taisha. So it means that they must be hiding something else and I’m super interested in that mystery, as well as Wakaba’s story but agh…what is this anime doing?

I doubt we’ll get many episodes with NoWaYu as it seems like to me (again, haven’t read the source material), they’ve skipped to either the middle or almost the end of the story because we’ve already lost two characters and have another one critically injured. I’m just disappointed and I’m not sure what to expect anymore. In the end, I still don’t really know what this anime is trying to do, and how they’ll even end this season. And I feel like I shouldn’t expect much…


Unfortunately still a weeb