This episode is full of tears. Almost everyone cried.

After episodes of struggles, Towa and Setsuna finally fully reconnected their bond as sisters. Towa’s regret for letting go of her sister’s hand that led to their 10 years of separation could only be resolved by Setsuna, the very sister she had longed for. For all those years of separation, Towa suppressed her loneliness and regret, and when she was finally reunited with Setsuna, she was disappointed to know that her sister has forgotten about her. This left a feeling of bitterness in Towa’s heart, and her loneliness didn’t disappear. Towa seemed to have been straightforward with Setsuna, but this episode revealed her anger she has deep down at her sister for forgetting about her. She continued to bottle up those negative feelings, which obviously wasn’t healthy for her mental condition.

This is a problem that anyone could easily relate to (me included). There are times we suppressed our feelings for what they believed to be the best for everyone or for the sake of the one we cares for, such as not wanting to make things awkward, or making others feel bad, etc. However, often times, this could eventually lead to emotional breakdown and might hurt the people we love, especially when those people are our blood families. As twins, both Towa and Setsuna has communication problem due to their contrasting personalities. It took Zero and Rin’s interference until they finally reconcile.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but, thank you, Zero! Thanks to you, the two sisters finally recovered their long-lost bond. And turned out that Zero’s hatred for half-demons originated from her love for Kirinmaru who would be killed by half-demon according to the prophecy, and later when Rion was killed by one, which escalated further when the Great Dog Demon that she loved died for the sake of a human and she did nothing to help him because she wanted to believe in his strength. The reason why Zero hated Towa so much in particular because she reminded Zero of her grandfather, both overflowing with love from the people around her. It saddened her that the girl who reminded her so much of the Great Dog-Demon was there, but he himself wasn’t.

That being said, I’m sorry to say that I think this episode is, again, has a rushed pacing. Everything ended all too quickly. It’s most likely that the writer want to quickly finish the sub-plots by cramming all of them into one episode. Positively thinking, with the whole problem between Towa, Setsuna, and Zero were now over, I take it that means the plot is finally going to focus on moving forward with the main problem at hand: Kirinmaru. I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it again, that man’s selfishness knows no bound. Even though Great Demon-Dog already warned him, he still brought Rion to all his battles that led to her death, but even then he still didn’t learn his lesson and continued to do as he pleases without thinking of the consequence that might come from his irresponsibility.

And on the bright side, finally Rin and Sesshomaru were reunited! Sesshomaru, who before said that his arm could only hold sword, is now holding the woman he loves with all his heart! With Rin is now freed, I’m looking forward to see how she’ll interact with her daughters!


Hanyo no Yashahime will be on a break next week, so the next post will have to wait until January 8th 2022.


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