This episode is a satisfying finale of the season. Following Shareef and Adelheid’s engagement in the previous episode, Nekoya decided to hold an official party to celebrate their union. But before the party started, Nekoya got a special guest: the Master’s grandmother, Yomi. She was Artorius’ old friend who got sent to the modern Japan by an evil sorcerer when she was young. This led to her meeting her future husband and the previous master of Nekoya who died 10 years prior. Maybe it’s difficult for her to return to her world back then, but it was a fortunate fate as it let her to meet her true love. Ever since her husband’s death and her grandson took over, she never stepped foot in Nekoya until now. She was surprised to see Aletta, a demon, became a waitress, as when she was young her job was to exterminate demon. And she also recognized Kuro as the black dragon, which surprised even more, considering how dangerous a black dragon could be.

What’s even more shocking was her reason for her sudden visit to Nekoya. It turned out that she held a special key that could close Nekoya for good, meaning that using the key would sever the ties between the Master’s world and other worlds, making Nekoya would never appear in other worlds anymore. She initially intended to close Nekoya after her husband’s death, but because her grandson decided to take over, she came to entrust the key to him instead and let him decide. Obviously, the Master refused to use the key because he wanted to honor his grandfather’s last wish. This showed how close both Yomi and the Master to the previous Master. Yomi loved her husband dearly and to this day still cherished him that it took a long time for her to finally visit the Nekoya that they built together. The Master similarly loved his grandfather, and determined to keep opening the restaurant for as long as he’s healthy.

The party for Shareef and Adelheid’s engagement attended by all of the regulars visiting the shop also showed the importance of Nekoya to its customers, something that Aletta realized. In Nekoya, one didn’t need to worry about their race, heritage, status, and everything else. For people who had experienced discrimination, for people from different countries who knew little of each other, for people unable to find a place to relax due to certain circumstances, Nekoya was their safe haven. In Nekoya, they’re able to communicate normally regardless of their differences and get to know each other. No one see or judge them, everyone equally sees each other as customers who came to enjoy foods. No doubt that they would be sad if Nekoya is closed forever.

Seeing the regulars’ interaction in this episode is something I wish can happen in real world where discriminations and all still went rampant. The Master really went all out with his buffet and especially the wedding cake. And then another proposal! So that’s why in the previous episode he left in a hurry! He’s planning to use the party’s atmosphere to propose to the Pork Cutlet that didn’t sit well with Aletta! Nice try! Too bad you got rejected…for now at least. XD XD XD

Overall, Isekai Shokudou 2 is an enjoyable slice-of-life culinary anime that gave various life lessons from each of the episode. But what stood out the most for me is its message. When it comes down to it, all humans are just people. Unfortunately, many are easily swayed by others’ opinions and judge what or who is unknown to them. They are quick to stereotype, sometimes without even understanding why, destroying any chance to reach an understanding. If only they could just sit quietly and speak like the regulars at Nekoya who came from different races and backgrounds, people could’ve come into understanding and accept their differences. It’s a lesson that people should take, yet difficult to do because of the strong prejudice already embedded within. I like how Isekai Shokudou 2 maanged to deliver the message without having to resort to the typical showing clear cruelty and negativities of the characters shown in most anime that involves different races.

I hope there’ll be season 3 of the anime in the future. I want to enjoy more of the wonderful characters and stories and the delectable foods from Isekai Shokudou.


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