I’m just going to get straight to the point, as all in all, I don’t have that many words to say about this season. It also doesn’t help that the entirety of episode 11 was literally just the final episode of season two with just a couple extra scenes. All I got out of it was that Gyuuki, Yuna’s fairy, seemed to be connected with Takashima so the two of them were connected this whole time. That’s a nice thought I guess.

After defeating Shinju, it looks like the gods gave up on humankind and the world slowly came back? And the Hero Club is taking the time to explore outside of the wall and Shikoku to take everything back and research everything. Now, if they had wanted to make an epilogue like this, why couldn’t they just do it as an OVA? Or, why couldn’t this season just be about the time skip with the girls exploring and researching this post-apocalyptic world? This actually would have been really interesting, even if it were shorter than your typical season. Yuusha no Shou was only 6 episodes so they could have gotten away with it again. This whole plot point has way more potential, but instead they decided to do whatever the hell this season was.

I’m going to be saying this for the last time, but this season felt so pointless and disappointing. I understand what they were trying to do, adding Mebuki’s side of the story to give more context to the story of Yuusha no Shou as well as Wakaba’s story to give us the history of Heroes and literally everything in their world. But I cannot believe someone thought that fitting two side stories in one season was a good idea. We had three different POVs going on, some of the Yuusha no Shou stuff we had already seen. Both Mebuki and Wakaba’s stories were really interesting, but dedicating so little time on it to properly flesh out the story just DRIVES ME NUTS!! WHY?! With this season, they could have done one of four things:

  1. Just make an OVA episode of the final episode to give Yuusha no Shou it’s proper conclusion.
  2. Make an entire season dedicated to the events of the final episode of the girls living in a post-apocalyptic world.
  3. Make the season Mebuki’s story
  4. Make the season Wakaba’s story

But the fact that they crammed in all of that stuff in these 12 episodes, with some pointless filler as well, just confuses me so much. Did they really think I was going to care about any of the characters in NoWaYu or KuMeYu when we barely spent any time with them? Especially in NoWaYu when two characters of the main group die immediately, and the other one barely having any presence. And it’s so sad because again, NoWaYu’s story was definitely the most promising and exciting what with them being the first Heroes and laying the groundwork for everything. But nope, just give it 4 episodes. Or 3 episodes and a half, sort of. What a joke.

I wanted this season to be so much more. The execution was awful and just a plain mess, and I’m glad it’s done. Unless they give the side stories their proper adaptations, I’m just not going to bother anymore. I really like this series but this season just left a sour taste in my mouth. It’s so frustrating, and giving it a low score just makes me sad. Sigh.



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