This episode gave the confirmation that Akuru could only be seen by the Dog-Demon Clan. It turned out that in the previous episodes, Jaken didn’t see Akuru, he could only hear the sound of Akuru’s pinwheel. Not only that, Akuru has the power to restore someone’s Kon, or to be precise their soul. It’s still not yet known what is exactly the condition to be acknowledged by Akuru. As our Half-Demon Princesses no have been acknowledged by Akuru, they’re able to go through time to the Reiwa era through the Windmill of Time. Before, it seemed that they were able to go through time due to the power of Rainbow Pearls and the Root demon. With the Rainbow Pearls and the root demon gone, they couldn’t travel across time. That’s why they now must use the Windmill of Time to go.

With Towa saved by Akuru, I thought this would be the time for Rin to finally embrace her daughters. But again, there has to be an interference that ruined their reunion and once again separated them. This was so frustrating! Just how long do they have to wait until they can hold each other?! But I praise Rin’s maturity. She has been separated from her daughters for 14 years and wanted nothing more but to hold her daughters in her arms, and yet she was deprived of the opportunity because of their dire circumstances. However, she understood how important it was to stop Kirinmaru and willing to let her daughters go and waited for a bit more until she could truly embrace them along side her husband. I praised Rin for able to stay strong and held back her tears until her daughters left.

Moroha’s interaction with her parents was still the best part of the episode for me. I swear, seeing the three of them together brought so much fluffiness! Hearing her parents’ story, receiving a special bow made from her father’s hair and her grandfather’s remains, it’s truly a heartwarming family moment. Even when Kirinmaru appeared again, Moroha chose to fight together with her parents, and neither Inuyasha nor Kagome stopped her. Seeing the three of them fighting together as family was a big treat. Too bad it didn’t last long because Akuru demanded for Moroha to go to modern era and Rion was in danger, forcing Kirinmaru to retreat.

Just for this one time, I’m grateful with Kirinmaru’s twisted love for his daughter, as his love was what urged him to stop his fight in order to save her from disappearing due to her temporary body starting to break down. I had expected that Rion’s case was similar with Kikyo’s. Their body regularly required Haku or other souls to continue moving.

Good thing that Aya and her father only appeared briefly and even be helpful by giving Kohaku and the others a demon-purging sword, Kikujumonji, which is the original sword that Towa’s previously broken sword was based on (as a reminder, Towa’s broken sword from Season 1 was a only an imitation of the real Kikujumonji).

Last but not least, Kirin’s personality was shown. Before, I couldn’t understand nor guess what kind of person Kirin was. I suspected him to be in cahoot with Kirinmaru in keeping an eye on the Reiwa era and has been waiting for the arrival of the comet. This episode showed that Kirin was concerned for humans such as Mei, even protected her and her friends from crow demons. This could mean that unlike Kirinmaru, Kirin genuinely wishes to destroy the comet to protect the people of the present era without asking for anything in return. I hope to see him, Kirinmaru, and Riku to meet each other.


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