The reunion between Moroha and her parents continued, and this time Moroha has a sweet moment with her father…that needed a push. Like father, like daughter, both Moroha and Inuyasha were very shy in expressing their feelings, which was very cute and adorable! Good job that Kagome and Towa literally gave the two of them the push to just hug each other and revealed how much they missed each other. I’m happy for Moroha who finally got to meet with her parents. She even slept on Inuyasha’s lap! Seeing them like this, I hope Towa and Setsuna’s reunion with Rin would be equally heartwarming. And it’s clear that Towa and Setsuna have accepted Sessomaru as their father, worrying over him and Setsuna even apologized on his behalf for sending Inuyasha and Kagome into the underworld. Props to Kagome for keeping Inuyasha from saying things out the line.

Other than the reunion between Moroha and her parents was heartwarming, I enjoyed the interaction between Kagome and Towa. After 14 years since she lived in the Sengoku era, Kagome was finally able to know how her family back at the modern era were faring through Towa, who crossed through time and lived with the Higurashi family for 10 years. She must’ve missed her family back home, and when she decided to stay with Inuyasha at Sengoku era, she and her family must’ve prepared with the fact they couldn’t see each other anymore for the rest of their life. Towa got transported to the modern era in a way could be considered a blessing for Kagome, as it allowed her to know about her family’s condition. Even though she’s happy with her life in the Sengoku era, it didn’t mean she forgot about her connection with her own blood family who had raised her for 17 years before their separation.

On the topic of crossing eras, Kirinmaru finally revealed why he was so obsessed with capturing Akuru and then go to the modern time. The comet that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had destroyed before turned out to be a mere fragment, and the real destructive comet would appear in the modern era and would make humans becoming fodders for demons, which may lead to humanity’s extinction. And as I suspected, Towa’s teacher, Osamu, is actually Kirinmaru’s hand that was thrown away by Riku into the Bone Eater’s Well. Just like how Kirinmaru was able to see and hear everything Riku see and hears, his connection with Osamu allowed Kirinmaru to know about the modern era. Of course, his reason in wanting to destroy the comet was not noble like wanting to save people, he simply wanted to prove himself the strongest so that the humans would worship him and demons won’t go against him. Sesshomaru is in a big pinch and it’s clear he won’t be able to fight evenly against Kirinmaru. How long he’ll be able to hold on until Towa and the others return?

Last but not the least, Shippou! You’ve finally appeared! Seriously, I thought you’ve been forgotten and won’t appear at all in the series! Before, I thought I want to see Shippou growing older, but after seeing his transformation as an adult, I quickly changed my mind and prefer for Shippou to stay the way he is now. His cute adorable self! His training as a fox demon went well as he’s able to become a teacher replacement to teach younger fox demons. However, in terms of fighting skill…doesn’t seem he has improved, so unfortunately I don’t think we’ll see Shippou fighting in this series either. (^_^;)


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