With my computer troubles finally resolved, I’m glad the first thing I watched was this show because this is definitely the feel-good show I need right now. I knew from the very short PV that this would be a really slow romance show, and it definitely proved to be that. Honestly, this episode was anything particularly spectacular or out of the box. What you see is what you get, just a story of two boys that met and have become friends, where one obviously has feelings for the other and we watch their daily lives at school where they get closer and they come to understand their emotions. Very simple, but very cute.

Our two titular characters meet when a fight breaks out at the back of the school. Miyano, being a part of the Discipline Committee, tries to step in to break up the fight when his senpai doesn’t answer him until Sasaki comes out of nowhere and handles the fight himself. Ever since then, the two have bonded and created their own little friendship. But for Sasaki, that friendship is more for him.

I really like both Miyano and Sasaki. They’re both really cute in their own ways and I really like their dynamic with each other. Sasaki is the touchy, louder, and more upbeat of the two while Miyano is the more calm and responsible one, but also just so sweet. He can also be pretty funny too with his fudanshi ways, imagining a dorm roommate as a juicy premise to a story. On the outside they may look pretty strange since Sasaki is the delinquent type while Miyano is a responsible member of the Discipline Committee but they both get along great, and even better when they can share their thoughts on the manga that Miyano lends Sasaki. The manga being BL, and Miyano’s embarrassment and shyness about the subject matter is really funny when Sasaki ignores his pleas to keep it on the down low. However, it was extremely adorable when the two were able to talk about the manga, with Miyano’s face lighting up once he knew that Sasaki had genuinely enjoyed it. It’s always great when someone can talk about their interests and passion with someone else, it’s no wonder that Sasaki’s romantic feelings for Miyano grew so much. Just that scene itself was adorable and made him even more likeable, but as well as the many other times that Miyano was there to help Sasaki from the kindness of his heart.

Now, I will say that the show does delve into the tropey stuff. I don’t read or watch BL that much because they’re usually not written well or they have very questionable and gross story tropes (this also applies to shoujo-ai). But I know about the whole “But we’re both guys” thing and I couldn’t help but laugh when Sasaki kept saying that over and over. Ooh, he’s so small and has a cute face…even though he’s a guy. Uh oh, I think he’s cute even though he’s a guy. And Miyano as well in the beginning with the “Haha I read this type of manga but just to let you know I’m not into that or do that even though there’s nothing wrong with that!” Yeah just your typical they’re totally gay but they don’t want to admit that they’re gay thing, which is a thing people can feel when they’re discovering themselves. But the amount of times those lines were said do make me laugh. But on the bright side, I’m so glad that at the very end of the episode Sasaki came to terms with his romantic feelings really quickly and we don’t have to wait it out for 12 episodes for him to understand. I was really worried that would be the case, which is my pet peeve in ANY romance anime hetero or homosexual. The whole “will they, won’t they?” thing isn’t necessarily bad, but when you’ve seen it over and over again in so many different anime, it can get really tiring. So I’m glad to see that at least on one side we have a romance. And Sasaki’s feelings for Miyano are so sweet and genuine that I can’t wait to see their relationship flourish, especially on Miyano’s side.

The episode did feel slightly clunky as it moved back and forth from the present to the flashbacks when Miyano and Sasaki were still getting to know each other. They all had really cute moments but I felt like the transitions could have been done better. And besides BL tropes, we got the typical romance tropes like the homemade cookies, the indirect kiss thing that always makes me laugh, and of course all the FLUFFY BUBBLES AND SPARKLES when something cute happens. I’m not going to lie, it was a little heavy handed at times but I didn’t mind it too much since this show really is just so fluffy and sweet.

Normally this type of show would be really hard for me to talk about considering how slow it can get, but with how draining and busy things are personally, this is EXACTLY what I need. A really slow slice of life romance, very wholesome and very cute. It just makes me smile and I’m definitely here for it, this will definitely be a show I’ll look forward to every week for that destress.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed

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