Another week of Sasaki and Miyano, another week of cuteness. It looks like the progression of their friendship turning into something more may be happening faster than expected. Sasaki is completely head over heels, but it looks like Miyano is carefully thinking things over and really paying attention to Sasaki’s behavior and choice of words. He’s said suggestive things before, but that “wanting to try out” whether he’s a clumsy kisser or not really sealed the deal. Oh, and that “I like you” at the end that Miyano definitely heard while sleeping. Ooh boy!

I couldn’t tell last time whether or not Sasaki had given Miyano those Valentine’s Day chocolate, but apparently he did sometime offscreen after that weird post-credit scene. Again, this show likes to move time quickly and I guess move on to other certain things. With them skipping a potential Christmas episode, I also think it was weird of them to skip Sasaki giving Miyano the Valentine’s chocolate since that’s cute and romantic. At least we got the White Day exchange.

Ohhh that White Day exchange was adorable. Miyano is really looking even further into his own feelings, not feeling quite right at his reaction to Sasaki when he “teased” about the kiss thing. And he notices that he really does treat Sasaki different from other guys, such as not envisioning him in BL material or even setting him as a seme or uke. The whole fujoshi/fudanshi thing I don’t understand, but I can at least see that Miyano definitely sees Sasaki differently and realizes that he’s special to him. While he’s not there quite yet, Miyano is surely but slowly developing feelings for Sasaki. Blushing and running off when Sasaki told his classmate there was nothing wrong with reading BL, thinking he’s so cool and swoon worthy. Being shy when giving him the White Day chocolate, though trying hard to admit that it wasn’t a big deal. Being blushy all the time and thinking real hard about everything Sasaki says. And I’m just so glad that Miyano is not painfully oblivious like other romance protagonists. He knows that he’s feeling a certain way, and that Sasaki is saying some suggestive things where he’s probably not joking at all. And like he says, if Sasaki really did just think of him as a friend and like any other kouhai, would he really whisper “I like you” while he was sleeping? I think not!

And with the new term starting, we’re going to get into the drama of Sasaki graduating and Miyano staying behind. So that puts a timer on how much time they can spend with each other and their relationship progress. I expect lots of freaking out and emotions over that, and hopefully a confession of some sort. The fireworks scene in the OP points to that, maybe…maybe I won’t get my hopes up? Either way, this was another dose of cuteness this week. Not too much that was super significant since this show doesn’t tend to have grand scenes, but small good ones. Again, the White Day scene was just so cute and Hirano teasing Sasaki over his reaction was funny. And of course the beginning with the kiss thing. This show always gives me a good laugh and a dose of wholesomeness I need.

One thing I think I would like to see, along with what I said last week about more characters (Ogasawara didn’t do much this time), is more time outside of the school. I like seeing them on their bookstore dates but the scenes always last so little, so I would love to see Sasaki and Miyano hanging out together outside of school more as it would bring more variety to the show. I know this is very much a high school romance, but at least leave the school once in awhile.


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