Food? ✔️(There’s never too much food theme!)
Freaking badass heroine who can also be super cute at the same time? ✔️✔️

Oh man this premiere was absolutely freaking fantastic. I am loving it! This one just has everything going for me. Like if you could pack everything I like into one episode, I kid you not, this is it.

This premiere was quite different than we are used to given it started off with (I believe) Yui’s grandmother narrating the story and introducing us to Oishiina Town, a place where people can visit all sorts of streets to get taste of all sorts of dishes from around the world. (NOW THIS IS MY DEFINITION OF HEAVEN). We were then quickly introduced to CooKingdom, and was given the rundown of the current situation at hand. Recipe-Bon Search Party Captain Rosemary (Mari) has been assigned to recover the Recipe-Bon book that has been stolen by the Bundoru Gang and was entrusted with the Energy Fairies, Kome-Kome, Pam-Pam and Mem-Mem to help him carry out the mission.

The Bundoru Gang are collecting the Recipeppis (food fairies) to feed to the corrupted Recipe-Bon book. The Recipeppis that are taken from the place they have made themselves a home at will result the food turning bad, losing its delicious taste. It is unclear what the Bundoru Gang intends to do with the Recipe-Bon, but our first example of them is basically just popping into the scene, abducting the fairy and then off they go. So far we are able to see two of their members, Phantom Gentlu (who they faced off today), Phantom Secretoru and their leader is called Godatz. The third one is hidden in the shadows, so it might be a bit longer before we actually see them, who knows.

Then we have our dear heroine Nagomi Yui. I must say she makes a very interesting protagonist as she has maintained her ability to see Recipeppis. It’s said to be part of the norm for younger children to see be able to them since as once they get to a certain age, it is uncommon for Humans to see them anymore. According to Mari, it’s likely because she deeply treasures the food she eats. I really like that Yui already has this ability because it gives us a bit of a break from usual stunned/alarmed reactions of seeing the fairies for the first time. As they are already a big part of her life (particularly relating to memories of her grandmother who has always told her, “Food brings smiles”), so she already has a very strong reason to want to protect them besides the goodness of her heart.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate just how INCREDIBLE Yui is? Like oh my gosh, where do I even begin? WHAT A FREAKING BADASS, I absolutely love her. She is super athletic (not to mention STRONG), a huge foodie, a big heart and is quite a sassy character. The banter between her and Mari was so entertaining, and I really enjoyed her response to becoming a precure. I freaking lost it when Mari commented on how she actually transformed and Yui just turned around and quips, “You told me to.” Simply put, she is my spirit animal.

Can I just take a moment to gush about how much I adore her Precure title? Cure Precious? IT’S PERFECT. Like, it’s such mood, it’s so in character and I love it to bits. And both her true self and precure design overall are very charming. Actually it was cute to see the mascots be integrated into the transformation sequence again because it was wholesome.

As for her movesets, the 500 KILOCALORIE PUNCH, had me wheezing. Man these moves are going to be very interesting. Not to mention they are using a watch this time round, which instantly made me think of the ifit/apple ones haha. I get the feeling the watch toy might be something like those tomodachi ones, you know to feed the fairy or something, haha. I haven’t checked so I don’t actually know, it’s just a guess on my part. It would be cute though.

We also got to see the girls cross paths with each other, some directly others indirectly. We didn’t get to learn a whole lot about them, but it’s enough to make you curious about their characters. I’m looking forward to getting to know them.

While there are no pre-existing relationships among them right now, there as one character who we were introduced to as Yui’s childhood friend, and that’s none other than Shinada Takumi.


Look I am freaking sucker when it comes to childhood friends. Anyone who followed my coverage of Happiness Charge knows that I freaking adored Seiji and I liked the way he was still included in the group even though he had no powers of his own. But this time? Oh man, if they are really going in the direction I think they are going… I’m legitimately trying so hard to make sure my hopes and dreams don’t run wild– IM TRYING GUYS BUT I MEAN, I AM PRETTY SURE THAT’S HIM IN THE WAS FREAKING KEY VISUAL (AND ALMOST LOST MY MIND WITH JUST THAT) WHICH IS QUITE FRANKLY MORE SIGNIFICANT THAN THE TEASE IN THE OPENING, AND IF THEY ARE REALLY GOING TO GIVE HIM POWERS AND MAKE HIM AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF THE PRECURE TEAM, I AM GOING TO SCREAM!

AHEM. Ahaha… Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Though it’s an understatement really, because this is the kind of thing I absolutely love. This stuff is my jam. Look romance can be fun bonus, but not that’s a priority for me in this series. What I’ve been craving for since pretty much Hugtto Precure is to see them find a way to fully integrate a boy into their squad. Not as just as occasional fighter, but a full-time member. Up until now we gotten little bits of it, the most recent to memory would be Seiji (unofficial and without powers), a dabble of it with Kanata, they bloody teased us about it with Henri (GOD DAMN IT, IT COULD’VE BEEN AWESOME), and Rio (also had a really cool role, which I really liked, so that was neat.) I’m probably missing some others, but you get the point. It is an element I really missed seeing in magical girl series in general, and I’d love like to see this sort of thing again. But of course this is Precure, so I’m trying not to get ahead of myself right now. Gotta keep expectations in check. This only the first episode. GOTTA KEEP EXPECTATIONS IN CHECK.

But yeah, it’s hard to try and not get too excited about it. I GOTTA BE PATIENT AND WAIT AND SEE. That said, it is important to note even if he doesn’t end up being a main member of the squad, I wouldn’t be upset about it. I’d just be happy to see him be a part of their circle like Seiji and (Go! Princess Precure) Yui (who I’d say it probably the best example as she was amazing even without powers).

Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

Well if it wasn’t obvious already, I am super excited for this series, but most of all I am really excited to get to know everyone.

It was neat to see the premiere was quite different than we we’re used to given it started off with I believe it was Yui’s grandmother narrating the story. It’s a different take, but it’s a nostalgic touch that makes me think back to the classic magical girls series I grew up with. There are also a couple of interesting changes that have been made, such as the clever and far more practical idea of isolating the enemy in a different space. This way they can’t wreck havoc in the world that isn’t related to the conflict between these two parties, which makes a whole lot more sense. That’s why Mari expressed he didn’t want Yui to be dragged into their affairs. Of course ultimately it was Yui’s strong resolve to help save the Omelette Recipeppi that drew out the legendary precure’s powers and became Cure Precious.

As for the Sidekicks, we pretty much got the bare minimum this week- and I mean it because the only one we saw wake up was Kome-Kome. The rest are still asleep, but OH MY GOD THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM ARE SO FREAKING CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE! The OP seems to indicate these fairies will be able to shapeshift into a humanoid form as they gradually grow stronger (VERY CUTELY IF I MAY ADD!). I hope this will be the same for all three, but it will positively adorable and I am all for cuteness overload.

Oh man, I can’t tell you how much I missed Precure. It was too bad that Tropical-Rouge just never clicked with me so I never finished watching it. Instead I decided to (re)watch some of the older titles (Fresh Precure and actually got around to finish Kira Kira La Monde- go figure that one being about pastry haha!) while bidding my time for the new series. And sheesh, did Crunchyroll wait till the VERY last minute to announce it. Wouldn’t be the first time, but many fans were seriously worried it was gonna be left in the dust since they cut out the baton pass scene at the end of Tropical-Rouge. Why would they do that? I have no idea, but we’re all good now. The official Subs are alive and well.

With that said, this premiere was all rounds of fun, adorable, precious, with deliciousmile, and I’M SO FREAKING READY FOR A NEW PRECURE JOURNEY AGO. LETS FREAKING GOOOOOOOO~ SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!

Possibility of Blogging: *ABSOLUTELY.

As per tradition, I will give 10 episodes for the series to get a feel for it. But considering how hyped I am right now, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna stick with this. :3c


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  1. Bibi

    Man, I’m really pumped to see this season, too!
    Gotta hope more subbers pop up since it’s region locked on Crunchyroll (European btw), and Serenea has recently been a bit infamous for a certain thing, so I can’t trust them much.

    1. Eva

      Aw man, that blows you’re locked out, I hate it when that happens. It really sucks that “region lock” is a thing for this kind of stuff. :\ It would be nice if there were an official alternative for Europe.

      BUT YES THE HYPE IS REAL! Good to be back with Precure again! <3

      1. elior1

        when the thread mark has been released i was afraid it will be kira kira again because i didn’t liked it very much but the primer was not bad at all and i enjoyed it

      2. Bibi

        Hopefully there will be (Euro Precure fans need to rise!)
        Luckily, ‘SubsPlease’ takes care of DeliPa now as well (They went for Tropi-Rouge first), so it’s good for now.

        But man, my self-inserted plan to sit out on DeliPa merch didn’t lasted that much. XD

  2. guest

    Very nice start to a new series. Another intriguing fact for me is that the enemies are basically gentle thieves or phantom thieves and like Gentle herself said she doesn’t like to resort into violence , which apart from an obvious forshadowing leads me to believe that the bad guys perhaps have been tricked into becoming thieves by the big bad villain(maybe they have good individual reasons like the Lupinrangers) . Also they are obviously citizens of the cooking kindom themselves and its interesting that rosemary has powers or can harness the fairy powers perhaps thats how the white tuxedo mask looklike will gain some powers too , .
    In any case promising start, i love Yui already and i think Ran will become my favourite

    1. Eva

      Based on the shape, I get the feeling that Mari’s trinket might be one half of a whole heart. And what’s interesting is that when Mari harnessed the power from it, it cracked and lost it’s shine, so there might be a point where that particular trinket will need to be restored. It’s also worth noting that “white tuxedo mask” has a VERY similar looking heart on his hat with a single green orb in the middle.

  3. Silent

    So the theme this year is… food? Didn’t we do this already? Like with bakery items instead? Not that I’m complaining. With a franchise running as long as Precure, some ideas are bound to overlap. I just find it odd.

  4. Williukea

    Besides Mary-chan bring such a cute nickname for Rosemary, I just love how badass he is – the only times, iirc, we had a human-like ally (not a mascot) that had powers and could stand up to villains were Blue from HCPC and Joe from DDPC, but even then Blue was pretty weak for a God and Joe didn’t have any powers and barely helped in fights. He only had sword. Mary-chan uses some magic and apparently was ready to fight the villains alone. I always wondered on who fought villains, who apparently had some experience in fighting good guys, before the main cure team appears in other seasons.

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