Not much happened this week but we did get some cuteness overload with Kome-Kome and were introduced to Partnal Fuwafuwan Kobashiné Yeast Pamsandwich, AKA: Pam-Pam. I kid you not, that’s her full name. Turns out Kome-Kome shares a similar mouthful title, Connectal Mochimochitto Fukkarara Glycrogen Komex II. Good grief, what will Mem-Mem’s full name be like?

Anyways, Pam-Pam is quite the affectionate type, especially Kome-Kome as she acts like an older sister of a sort. But while she is very cute, it turns out she is a bit of a smart ass– but thankfully, not to the extent she is obnoxious. It’s something Mari calls her out on it too, so there’s going to be that kind of fun dynamic between them.

With Pam-Pam’s arrival and her showing off her smarts, Kome-Kome felt left out and wanted to be able to be helpful to Yui like Pam-Pam. Since Yui was out of carrots for the curry they needed for supper, Kome-Kome decided she would go out and get them in Yui’s steed.

With the help of good luck and kindness, Kome-Kome was able to accomplish the task with the help of Kokone who saw her sitting in front of the shop uncertain how to proceed. Then when she got lost, she was found by Takumi, who helped her reunite with Yui and Mari. (And of my gosh it was so cute to see her asleep in his hood. SO CUTEEEEEEE I CAN’T!!!) But much to everyone’s surprise, later when they were prepping supper, Kome-Kome evolved into a toddler!

It is uncertain whether Kome-Kome will revert to her smaller animal form, though it would be good for all of them if she could because this is going to be more difficult to explain to Yui’s mother haha. I suppose she will be able to shapeshift between her new forms, but for now she has reached her first humanoid evolution as a toddler. It’s unclear exactly what contributes to her growth, it could be related to the gathering of Recipeppi or degree of accomplishments, but nevertheless we will eventually see her take on further evolution as she grows up. And curiously, Pam-Pam is currently the only Energy Fairy who can communicate with Mari and Yui. We will have to wait and see whether Mem-Mem can do the same as well. However we have also yet to see whether Pam-Pam and Mem-Mem also take on humanoid forms, but perhaps Kome-Kome may be a special case since Pam-Pam did describe her to be a “special Energy Fairy”.

Apart from Kome-Kome’s adventures, Kokone finally got to briefly meet Pam-Pam and Yui. I did find it rather  interesting how like Yui, Kokone did not freak out when she caught Kome-Kome floating. In fact, when she encounter Pam-Pam she straight up asked (and I burst out laughing when she said it): “Do you float too?” Oh my gosh, this girl! None of this struck her as strange. That of course made Pam-Pam slip up by talking when she asked about Kome-Kome’s whereabouts. It was hilarious how she tried to play it off by acting like a dog again, Kokone wasn’t startled by that either, just a bit surprised and if anything incited her curiosity even further. That said, it’s clear that the two sensed a special connection to each other with the way they seemed to be entranced with each other.

Although we really don’t know too much about Kokone, she strikes me as a fairly soft spoken character, but I am curious to see whether characteristic would hold since she will be called ‘Cure Spicy’. She seems to be the sweet type who likes cute things, and has a gentle heart. When she saw Kome-Kome in front of the shop, she noticed she was there with the task to pick up carrots, and helped her do so. So I am definitely interested in seeing what kind of dynamic Kokone and Pam-Pam will have with each other given Pam-Pam’s personality. I am also curious to see what she thinks of Yui. I’m not entirely sure if she realized that Yui and Cure Precious are one and the same, we should get clarification on that next week. It was also pretty funny how Yui didn’t quite think it through when she decided she’d just help Kokone home by picking her up while she is still in her Precure form. So this turned out to be quite a day of all sorts of interesting surprises for Kokone.

In fact, speaking of which, Yui and Mari were HARDLY subtle this week when it came down to taking action. First off when they realized they had forgotten about the Curry Recipeppi being capture (OOPS, though I have to admit, that was pretty funny), they blurted out how they needed to rescue it in front of Takumi. I wouldn’t put it past the guy to start connecting the dots considering all the incidents that have been transpiring as of the late. While he didn’t see Gentlu last time, he was present when the chicken went bad, so we’ll have to see how long it’ll take before that happens.

Ah, but you know who did see Gentlu kidnapping– or at least appeared to have witness the capture of Curry Recipeppi, it was Ran. It’s difficult to gauge whether she actually witnessed it or not with the way she sort of shrugged it off when she took a bite, only to find it tasting disgusting. It would be interesting to see if Ran is sort of able to see the Recipeppi. As for Kokone, we don’t know whether she can see them or not. Perhaps we will find out next week!


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  1. elior1

    i loved the fight scene this week where cure precious punching the monster from inside like that it was great to see

    1. Eva

      That was really funny! She is quite reckless, but isn’t afraid to take things head-on in an unconventional way. And Mari’s reaction was gold!

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