The series is close to reaching the climax, yet I don’t really feel anything from the supposed threat of the Grim Comet. It’s not like I expected for utter chaos to happen and people running away due to the incoming comet. The build-up for the doomsday comet and the final battle felt lacking for me. I couldn’t get excited the same way I did when Inuyasha and his friends confronted Naraku for the last time.

On the other hand, this episode confirmed what kind of person Osamu Kirin is. Fortunately, he debunked my suspicion that he will guide Kirinmaru to the modern time in hope of destroying the comet and save people. In fact, he’s trying his best to resist his connection with Kirinmaru to prevent the latter from coming to the Reiwa era. Instead, Osamu decided to place his faith on the three Half-Demon Princesses to destroy the comet and protect the world that he loves. Just like how Riku eventually developed his own emotions and feelings, Osamu has grown into his own person with his own will and mind, coming to love the humans of the era he’s living in and genuinely wishes to protect them from any threat, including his original self.

It turned out that all this time, Osamu never knew about the Higurashi family being related to Kagome, and never knew that Towa was a half-demon. He regularly visited the Higurashi shrine simply because of the Tree of Ages, not knowing that Kagome has crossed through time with the Bone Eater’s Well the same way he did.

And Riku! Thank goodness that he recovered quickly. I was afraid he was going to be incapacitated for a bit longer. It’s good that he’s much more resilient than I thought. While I wondered how he managed to follow into the portal of Windmill of Time, I’ll put that aside. His brief battle against Kirinmaru revealed the red threat of fate connected with him and Kirinmaru. This gave a hint that there’s a hope in saving Riku’s life, which is by using Setsuna’s naginata to cut the red thread, and thus, severing his connection with Kirinmaru. That way, it’s possible to kill Kirinmaru without Riku dying with him. Please let Riku survive! I don’t want Towa and Riku’s romance to end with tragedy! (TT_TT)

Now that Riku managed to take Rion back, what will Kirinmaru do? I highly doubt he’ll continue to go to the modern time without his daughter, considering his obsession to revive her in Towa’s body. But I somehow doubt that both him and Riku would leave the gateway within Windmill of Time any time soon.

As much as I very much appreciate Six Stones for providing Yashahime with their wonderful opening songs in both seasons, I don’t think it’s a wise idea to include them in this episode as guest characters (Come on, it’s obvious that the idol group in this episode is based on Six Stones. Their name said so). Perhaps they wanted to show what was at stake, what Towa and the others were trying to protect. Or maybe they simply wanted to do a bit rehash like what happened in the original Inuyasha anime when Inuyasha barged into Kagome’s school drama performance. Whichever it is, sorry to say, the concert part and all ruined any sense of urgency and direness of the situation.

I don’t know how to feel for the next episode onwards. Other than wanting to know how Riku and Towa’s relationship would end and how the girls’ and their respective families would be, I honestly just want this to end. Unless they could show me a good action next episode, I’m leaning towards resignation. At least, Moroha and Setsuna were cute wearing modern clothes again.


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  1. zztop

    The most likely reason they put Sixtones in this ep is blatant marketing/promotion purpose; someone on the Yashahime production committee must have managerial/promotion ties to them.

    Speaking of opening songs, I revisited some of the OG series’ had OP/ED songs and realized they were mostly from the very mainstream and best of the J-music industry (Hamasaki Ayumi, Do As Infinity, V6,etc.) Out of all the songs used on the OG series, which would be your personal favourite? I liked the ones by Do As Infinity and Amuro Namie.

    Btw, I see they depicted anime Sixtones in those colourfully gaudy costumes in those equally gaudy looking stages trying to evoke that cute look. Something a little different from time to time would be nice, like maybe the techno/synthpop stylings of groups like Perfume.

    1. Kazanova

      Ah, that explains their cameo then.

      For the songs, I always love the ones done by Do as Infinity and Hamasaki Ayumi.

      1. elior1

        since this is the last season i wonder how they will wrap up the 2 plot points that been left which are the grim comet and beat kirinimaru. what your prediction? do you think they will be able to wrap up the last 2 plot point in a good way?

        1. Kazanova

          Not sure. I honestly don’t have much expectation considering how Yashahime didn’t do well with pacing.

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