This was a really exciting episode full of fighting against the two demons. Lots of great moments between the characters and some really fun teamwork, especially with our trio of boys. This is the only time we’ve seen them really fight together, as it’s usually Tanjiro and Inosuke that work together, while Zenitsu is on his own. So it was great to see something like that. If only…things went better for our group.

Unfortunately the assault from last episode does not work so the fight continues. However, the episode opens up with a small flashback scene of Tengen and his wives visiting the Uzui family shrine. It was a bit of a slowdown but I didn’t mind it, as we finally got to properly see a moment of Tengen and his wives interacting with each other. The atmosphere between them was loving and pretty cute. Suma and Makio had some playful banter while also trying to get Tengen’s attention, and I thought Tengen was really warm and sweet to them. It was a nice and cute moment, and especially when it comes to Hinatsuru, you can tell that they really do care for him. There was actually a lot of focus on Hinatsuru in both of the flashbacks we got from this episode, making me wonder what it could mean. Not just in the flashbacks too, Hinatsuru threw herself into the fight while Makio and Suma were evacuating people. Hinatsuru drops quite a bit of red flags this episode too, with the second flashback. Living a normal life after defeating an upper rank demon, even if not all of them make it out alive. That…is so concerning. And with the ending of this particular episode, it’s REALLY not looking good.

It sucks because like I said last time, I liked Hinatsuru just because she carried a giant kunai contraption with her to protect her husband and the demon slayers, now that’s just cool. And from the beginning of this arc after everything that happened with Rengoku in the previous one, I was afraid something bad would happen again with another upper rank demon. However, I do not believe Tengen is the one that will fall. Again, with all the focus that Hinatsuru had this episode with those flashbacks and her involvement and close calls in this current battle, it’s not looking good for her at all. I’m very worried.

Tengen ends up having to go up against Gyutaro on his own while Tanjiro protects Hinatsuru. Afterwards, Tanjiro then helps Zenitsu and Inosuke with Daki. They plan a good attack on her and manage to slice Daki’s head off thanks to Inosuke’s brashness and courage, and again it was so great to see the three of them fighting together. And cool Zenitsu in pigtails is definitely the best Zenitsu! The hype of the three of them working together was great, and the animation was even better. But unfortunately, Inosuke is thwarted when Gyutaro comes up behind him to grab his sister’s head and stabs Inosuke through the torso. Once that happened, everything went completely upside down. Gyutaro unleashes a powerful attack, Zenitsu pushing Tanjiro out of the way while he gets caught up in it. We also see that the reason Gyutaro was able to come to his sister’s aid was because he had already dealt with Tengen, leaving him unconscious and without a hand. If the hopelessness wasn’t bad enough, it’s VERY bad now. We have serious injuries from all of our key players, with Gyutaro and Daki having the upper hand now.

This is a really bad situation! Someone is not making it out alive, I definitely feel it. Everyone is weak and incredibly injured. I was worried from the beginning that it would be another Rengoku situation and now I’m on the edge of my seat wondering how this will all go down. But I know that Tengen won’t go down so easily. Having Attack on Titan air on the same day doesn’t help with this helpless feeling though lol


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