When they had started talking about Sasaki working in a bakery over the break, I was really excited that we would get an episode outside of the school where Miyano would visit the bakery that he worked at. They could have a bakery date, or Sasaki could have personally made Miyano a semi-sweet dessert or something and it would have been romantic and cute. But, that didn’t happen.

It was another “Miyano discovering himself” type of episode, as well as him building up a friendship with Ogasawara. I felt like the episode was kinda slow, but it was still good. Also I swear, this show tends to make me laugh at parts I maybe didn’t need to laugh at. But I saw that kabedon happening a mile away, and with how dramatic Sasaki was protecting Miyano from the head pat got me. Goodness he needs to calm down.

It’s been an entire school break since Miyano has seen Sasaki, and with this time he’s considered why he felt strange and how he would interact with Sasaki when he would see him again ever since their ride on the train last time. They end up meeting up in the train again to start their new school year, and at first it starts off awkward but then becomes like any other interaction they’ve had before. But then things kind of go into overdrive for Miyano this episode that pushes past what he thought as “normal”.

The big question Miyano asks is: What exactly is he feeling? We’re really getting into the nitty-gritty of Miyano’s self discovery when it comes to his sexuality. Miyano found himself feeling certain ways when he’s with Sasaki, such as the kabedon and how Sasaki held his wrist. Of course we know Sasaki was a wreck after that, literally going home because he couldn’t handle all of his emotions. Miyano is slowly coming to the realization that he probably does like guys after all. Most of this episode Miyano is questioning himself while also trying to convince himself that he’s straight by bringing up his middle school crush on this girl. We didn’t get much out of that, so it would have been nice if we had explored middle school Miyano and his relationship with his crush. We don’t know whether their relationship was close or not, but either way, Miyano had felt something for her before he got burned. But the more that Miyano thinks about Sasaki and spends time with him and gets into these intimate situations, the more he does believe that he may really like guys after all and is bisexual at least. His conversation with Ogasawara and his assumptions about Sasaki and Miyano’s relationship really made him come to that conclusion, and it seems that things really may be rolling now. And with Sasaki and being a third year now, he wonders how long he’ll be able to keep his feelings to himself.

The conversation between Ogasawara and Miyano was funny, mostly because of all the fujoshi talk from his girlfriend and trying to understand her. With how intense he was to Miyano, Ogasawara was actually pretty chill around him and they were able to get closer and have a nice conversation since they never really talked before. He thought he and Sasaki were boyfriends, and I’m sure Hirano can see a relationship like that forming between them too. Again, more of the characters’ input would be nice so I appreciate the Ogasawara moment. Especially when he didn’t give Miyano shit about him possibly liking guys, even though he had kinda gotten loud when he met him the first time. But honestly poor Ogasawara has BL PTSD because of his girlfriend, but at least he’s pretty level headed. It’s that girlfriend that’s driving him insane. I’m…concerned about that slime manga.

This episode was cute enough, it’s fun seeing the boys get closer through these tropey moments. Again, these scenes always make me laugh with how predictable and overly dramatic they can be, but it ends up being really cute and I love seeing the boys get all flustered and blushy with each other. It’s still so funny that Sasaki literally had to go home to process his emotions, this boy has it so bad. Then again, Miyano likes to imagine these steamy BL scenes between him and Sasaki. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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  1. Kisa

    Miyano is starting to feel something for Sasaki, its only a matter of time ^^

    1. Berry

      Miyano just needs a little push, but we’re getting there!

  2. Williukea

    I hope they keep Biyano, I love a bisexual main character, especially in BL series

    1. Berry

      I hope so too! I’d love to see Miyano explore his feelings more for both genders, it’d add some more depth to his character.

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