Stepping into Marin’s world is certainly broadening Wakana’s horizon. Now it is not only is it giving him an opportunity to practice his skills in a different way (such as applying make-up and creating outfits catered to a specific individual), but he has become invested enough to explore new things, like learning how to use a camera to help out with photo-shoots. Of course while doing so means he doesn’t have as much time to dedicate his time solely to honing his craft with the Hina-Dolls, but his grandpa has vouched for him that he hasn’t lost his touch, and he is seeing improvement such as his lines aren’t as stiff, they have gotten softer, and  thanks to these new experiences.

The interest in the camera came about when Sajuna changed her mind and agreed to do a group photo-shoot when Marin and Wakana offered to chip in for the studio costs. Her younger sister Shinju, who does Sajuna’s photography, agreed to teach Wakana and Marin how to use a camera. Though much to their surprise, despite being in middle school, she can easily be mistaken as the older one given her height.

It is quite endearing how Wakana is rolling with this hobby. He isn’t about to start collecting a bunch of merchandise, but he is still having fun being a part of this colorful world. It’s quite a big step forward considering Wakana previously didn’t feel like he had anything in common with anyone to talk about, but that has changed ever since Marin has introduced him to new series. Hilariously, while he does extensively study the characters for their outfits, he does become engrossed in their stories too, something which we saw when he was talking about playing through Slipper Girls 1 and 2 and what moved him, or how he ended up crying over Flower Princess Blaze series. It was quite funny to see him point out how for a magical girls series, surprisingly there’s less magic and more punching involved.

In fact we actually got to see quite a lot of Flower Princess Blaze. A good three minutes of the show. If you ask me, Flower Princess Blaze is kind of like a combination of Princess Tutu, Precure and Card Captor Sakura. I felt some of the character designs and the conflict between Shion and Neon reminded me a bit of Princess Tutu VS Princess Kraehe, Precure likes to punch and kick, and I totally got Yukito and Touya vibes from Sakuya and Soma– actually, if you think back to the relationship chart they showed last week, is it very much like Card Captor Sakura.

Other than that, it was mostly Marin freaking out over her newfound love for Wakana. She worked hard to make omurice for Wakana, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. While he enjoyed the food, it’s a good thing he didn’t mention that he thought it was only fried rice since that would have been another stab to the heart, haha!

I feel like I mentioned this a hundred times, so I’ll try to make this the last time I say it, but it is hysterical where Marin’s concerns and priorities lies when it comes to what she is self-conscious about. She wasn’t really dressed and yet her first thing that came to mind was that she wasn’t wearing her colored contacts. She does appear quite different when she isn’t wearing them, including when she’s not wearing make-up but that’s the least of her concerns, considering Wakana sees her bare face anyways when he does her makeup. Though I suppose that is also possibly the reason why she isn’t self-conscious of not being totally dressed when he comes over, since he did her measurements and all.

Next week, we’ll be learning more about the locations, cameras and photo-shoot sessions! See you next time!


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