Maybe at this point I should stop kidding myself and just expect MAYBE Miyano’s answer to happen during the finale. I had a strong feeling it was going to happen with this episode, but ended up being Miyano still not too sure. The very end makes it seem like he’s about 90% sure about his feelings and he’s maybe in denial about it. Miyano just wants to be absolutely sure before he answers Sasaki, in fear of hurting his feelings and ruining the relationship they have already.

And I get it, but man it’s a little painful haha.

The cultural festival went very well for everyone. Hanzawa was there to give Miyano some food for thought about his confidence during the tarot card reading, which he took to heart. Again I just really like this role Hanzawa has taken as this confidant for Miyano, giving him great advice and just being there for him when he needs to. It looks like he has his own issues himself though what with that self-reading he did, though this probably has something to do with his older brother. I don’t think this is going to be something we’ll have time to look into, but it made me very curious.

I thought it was sweet that Sasaki was still self-conscious about whether or not he was appropriately showing support for Miyano for the cross-dressing competition. As mentioned before, I like Sasaki because he’s able to see his faults and immediately apologize for his behavior, and he knew he was in the wrong when he confronted Miyano about the competition two episodes ago. Maybe he’s not totally 100% for it, but Miyano very much wanted to go through with it and there was no way he could shoot that down seeing how serious he was. It ended up being a great time too, even though Miyano came in 2nd place. Which was both a good and bad thing for him. In the end, he was glad he was seen as more manly than 1st place, which is really funny. He flubbed his lines but it looked like he had a lot of fun with it, which is a huge deal for him. The Miyano of before would never have gone through with this competition, so this shows how much Miyano has grown with his self confidence. Sasaki’s words on the bridge was the catalyst for this change and it’s made Miyano come so far. Also Hanzawa did a great job with his because he looked really pretty! It would have been fun to see more of the competition, but the most important part was Miyano and Sasaki understanding Miyano more and watching him grow too. This was an important moment for both of them.

I was looking forward to the fireworks scene because I thought it would be THE moment, and it wasn’t. Which is fine and maybe slightly frustrating because I’m dying to see them together. Miyano is being so very careful of his feelings, but he really is understanding them a lot more. He recognizes that he loves when Sasaki acts vulnerable like he did in that scene because he genuinely enjoys looking after him and being there for him. Like when he took care of him last episode in the nurse’s office. That at least says something and I think Miyano knows that, but he doesn’t want to jump the gun just yet. Still some progress there! The scene was still very romantic, with Sasaki’s head on Miyano’s shoulder, and the hand holding being so intimate. No words were spoken, but their body language said enough. Also fireworks makes any scene more romantic. The colors of the fireworks and the sparkles was also so very pretty.

Near the end after running into Sasaki, his sister, and Ogasawara at the mall, the boys end up seeing a BL movie together of a novel adaptation Miyano has read. Sasaki continues to respect Miyano’s space as he backed away from putting his hand on top of his while watching the movie. Putting his hand on top of his normally wouldn’t be a bad thing at all, but he’s really been respecting his space and making sure not to pressure him or make him uncomfortable ever since he confessed to him. Also I think he just saw how focused Miyano was in the movie that I think he didn’t want to take that away from him. He respects that this isn’t his time to make any moves or try to make the romance progress any further, he’s just happy to be there and spend time watching a good movie with his crush. One of the things Sasaki likes about Miyano is the fact that he can enjoy himself and be passionate about his interests around him, and this moment during the movie when Miyano was completely focused on the movie was just one of those times. Holding his hand during the movie most likely would have ruined that as Miyano would have been too focused on that than on the movie itself, and it probably would have made things awkward and Miyano wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie to the fullest. And it was a good thing Sasaki didn’t go through with it because it was insanely adorable how happy Miyano was with the movie. Seeing a good adaptation of a manga/novel is always a great thing, Miyano’s reaction to it was so relateable. Good live action adaptations are a rarity, those were tears of relief. His passionate reaction was just so cute. Seeing anyone gush about their interests that passionately can make your heart melt to be honest.

Miyano, you’re so close. He knows the feelings that he feels, but there’s still that smidge of denial. And I understand it, it’s a new feeling for him but he’s even questioning himself now. If what he’s feeling isn’t what he thinks it is, then what else could it possibly be? Being mistaken as boyfriends makes his heart a-flutter. Almost Miyano, almost!


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  1. Kisa

    Miyano finally realizes his feelings ^w^ Now all we need is the confession to happen.

    1. Berry

      I was so excited the confession would be in this one, but I’m sure we’ll have to wait until the finale. At least Miyano seems certain this time!

  2. Berry

    NOTE: Sorry, Episode 11 is going to be a double post with the finale! Thanks for the patience!

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