Aww man. I admit after the way last episode ended, I had expected this episode to be a lot more grand. This wasn’t a bad episode in the slightest, but it kind of feels like a balloon deflated after Miyano probably realized his feelings for Sasaki last episode. Only for this episode to drag things out a little more and kind of kill the excitement. I like that even Hirano was dumbfounded that Miyano still hasn’t given his answer since Sasaki’s confession in the summer, and judging by their uniform, it looks like it’s fall/winter. So it has been awhile, but again, I really appreciate that the boys can continue to have normal conversations and Sasaki isn’t pressuring Miyano at all for his answer. It’s so pure.

I guess this episode was this anime’s “calm before the storm”. Calm before all the emotions that are sure to pop out next time with the next episode being called “Love”. AAAAAAAH!!

The yankee cafe was hilarious and a funny idea. Miyano nursing Sasaki in the nurses’ office was also very cute. Miyano didn’t realize it, even though he literally said it out loud, but he’s just continuing to prove Hanzawa’s words from last time. Miyano thinks about him, wants to hang out with him, and most importantly he wants to do things for him and take care of him. Miyano went to a lot of trouble of taking his temperature, making sure he was feeling comfortable on the couch, and going so far as to grabbing the sheets from the bed to warm him up. He really was a doting boyfriend in this moment. If Miyano truly didn’t feel loving feelings for Sasaki, I’m not sure he would go this far to care for him. Either way, this moment was very sweet and Miyano to nonchalantly tell him that he simply wants to take care of him would make anyone melt. And that pleased smile on Sasaki’s face made me so happy after they agreed to their lunch date. He just looked so serene and happy. c:

I’m also just so glad that Miyano faced Sasaki about the crossdressing competition. Miyano is self-aware that he is a wishy washy person and so he finally stood his ground and gave Sasaki a “no”. Sasaki had said what he wanted to say in the scene from last week, but Miyano wasn’t able to properly voice his thoughts. Even that almost kiss and the hand on his cheek, he was able to get his thoughts together and say what was on his mind. His classmates are great and helping him out, as well as Hanzawa, and he has gotten way more confident with his features ever since Sasaki told him that he likes him for more than his face, and that he would still like him if his face changed. That was the start of Miyano’s confidence boost, and I’m sure Sasaki felt so touched to hear that he’s the reason that Miyano feels better about himself. That’s pretty huge, especially when Miyano got teased about his appearance so much before so he’s taking a huge step. These two are really making huge differences in each other’s lives. I was happy to see that Sasaki said he would cheer him on and the awkwardness between them from before vanishes yet again. Though I think it’s funny that Miyano was more embarrassed from the cheek touch rather than the almost-kiss that happened. But hey, at least he thought of a kiss potentially happening in the future!

Sasaki still shows some jealousy about the contest later, but at least he’s also aware of his own faults. He knows he’s making things more complicated with his jealousy so I hope he can keep it in check with that in mind.

Not too much happened this episode but the boys were able to settle that little spat (if you can even call it that) and even plan a date during the cultural festival. I think we’re finally getting Miyano’s answer next time. Please…please, let it happen. I’m so freaking excited I can’t keep getting teased like this. If the OP is hinting anything, we should expect fireworks. With how this story tends to deflect tropes (while also embracing them) I hope they don’t do the whole I like you thing getting drowned out by the noise of the fireworks. Please don’t do that to me. I’m expecting lots of emotion!!


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  1. Kisa

    This episode gave me so many cute Sasaki moments and I’ll be honest I fell in love with Yankee Sasaki, he looks good no matter what 😍

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