Unexpectedly, episode 3 showed quick bits of improvement between Mitsuki and Raidou’s relationship. While still quite afraid of him and funnily even had the urge to shave him bald, Mitsuki began to realize that Raidou was not as a bad person as she thought he was and understood what Aharen saw in him, so she willingly gave him a proper haircut to fix his bed hair (along with Aharen). This episode also explored another one of Mitsuki’s background. Other than being Aharen’s childhood friend, her family owns a hair salon, so she’s skilled in hair cutting and putting up make-ups that she applied for Aharen, having learned from her parents.

Another thing that happened, having been dependent on each other emotionally, Aharen and Raidou were understandably shaken when their homeroom teacher announced they must change seats, meaning they couldn’t be sitting side by side anymore. Not having any close relationship with the rest of their classmates the same way they did each other, it saddened them that they have to be separated even though both determined to continue their friendship. Fortunately, the change seat didn’t happen and they still sitting next to each other anyway. I think the whole changing seats should be saved for another opportunity, and would be better if these two does change seats. Because even though I understand their friendship, sometimes being so emotionally dependent can lead to unhealthy degree for both of them.

Since Raidou and Aharen were able to understand their problems and have the experience, they should now learn how to blend in with other people as well. It’s not good for them to develop something like “they only have each other to rely on” thing. Even with Mitsuki, she’s not as emotionally attached to either of them as they are to each other. Besides, Raidou and Aharen are actually still pretty normal people, even with Aharen’s tendency, she just needs to explain them first and people would understand her better.

In episode 4, a new character, this time a teacher named Tobaru, was introduced. She’s obsessed with classical romance story and seeing how close Aharen and Raidou are humorously caused her to faint from being overpowered by her passion for what she perceived as romance between her two students. Her constant fainting resulted with her being mistaken as having ill health by students and teachers alike. While funny, I didn’t feel much attachment to this teacher compared to Mitsuki. She’s a meh character in my opinion.

Sorry to say, but I’m dropping this series. The trailer seemed interesting when I first saw it, but now that I’ve watched 4 episodes of the series, I found the show doesn’t hit me with its comedy nor its characters as much as I hoped it would. The quick change from one sub-story to another in only one episode made the pacing felt odd to me. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s just the show doesn’t suit for my taste. Another thing, recently I’m busy with real-life business, so I don’t think I can handle covering three anime series.


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