Yay~ Precure is finally back! I thought we were going to see the cute little Dragon debut this week, but it turned out to be another Kokone episode– not that I’m complaining of course! In fact I think it is great that they are really taking their time with introducing us the main characters. It helps build a stronger foundation in their friendship, as well as gives us the audience the chance to get to know them before introducing us to yet another member.

This week we saw how Kokone struggles to form relationships with others. Because of her prestigious background, a lot of her classmates assume she’s in a different league and boxed her in this “rich girl” stereotype. Things like cafeteria ‘fried prawns’ wouldn’t suit her taste, or telling her she doesn’t need to do classroom duties even when she’s ready to help out. It’s discouraging to her, who would like to try and form relationships with others.

But she is able to break out of that image when Gentlu ends up striking at school. Despite being told to stay in the classrooms during lunch hour while the Student Council patrols the school to ‘investigate’ the Home Economics Monster rumors that had spiraled out of control due to Pam-Pam getting spooked by the students, some girls from their class had still been roaming about and ended up being caught in the crossfire. Neither Yui or Kokone had their partners with them as Pam-Pam ended up going home after she realized she really caused a lot of trouble at school (which in all fairness, was a smart thing to do), so they were stuck to handling the monster without their powers for the time being. To make matters worse, until Mari could arrive to the scene, the monster did end up wrecking havoc and terrorized the students (the girls) who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What I really liked about this incident however was the girls’ fear of it, in particular, one of them actually cried because she was so scared. It’s a little detail that often gets overlooked in the middle of the chaos, though I can think of a few instances to my memory where Precure has put some significant attention to the emotional distress, wounds and terror these monsters inflict on those present at the scene.

At the end of the episode, Kokone made a rather intriguing discovery. She noticed on Curesta, a user called Chururin has been posting about the food that have all been targeted by Bundoru Gang till now. Of course we the audience know that Ran has been around and caught in the middle of the food going in just about every encounter up until now. So now the girls are have this suspicion that Chururin is actually one of the Bundoru Gang members, which is pretty funny when you think about it. That said, what this does tell them is that this is a hot spot for attacks, and today they learned that even their school is no exception. But realistically speaking, this general knowledge is likely to be swept under the rug once Ran joins the team, unless she herself have some interesting observations of her own to share.


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