We really going to start with ANOTHER Ishigami and Iino skit? REALLY??? I feel like I’m being targeted for not liking their dynamic with this season so far. Every time I see that the episodes starts with these two, the less inclined I feel to continue on in the episode. I understand what they’re trying to do with making them the “beta couple” of the series by being plagued by misunderstandings. But the fact that they’re always trying to help each other, but somehow believe the other hates them and doesn’t feel any gratitude towards what they do for them is a lot more infuriating than what is going on Kaguya and Shirogane.

When Ishigami and Iino are forced to try and compliment each other to ease the tension between them, Ishigami was able to name a few fairly easily. But of course, Iino just ends up ruining it by not being able to come up with good points for him. Which just made me groan in annoyance. This situation honestly reminded me a bit of Kabakura and Hanako from Wotakoi. Especially since they tried to use the same exercise with them. However, I feel like Kabakura and Hanako have at least have some sort of balance between their bickering and tender moments. While Ishigami and Iino are constantly at each other’s throats. They have some tender moments, but it’s never together. It always happens when they’re not interacting with each other, which just furthers the miscommunication because they don’t know what they did for the other. Though I do admit the scene of Ishigami cleaning Iino’s hair made me cackle as it looked like he was doing some sort of repair job on a car or something lol.

For the last part of the episode, I just felt so bad for Shirogane the entire time. Not only did he feel awkward at karaoke, but then Kaguya sent Hayasaka in to make him feel even more awkward. They freaking brought back the plot to the bet Kaguya made to Hayasaka that one episode about seducing Shirogane. Making the situation just absolutely dreadful for Shirogane since he technically turned her down. Which she took advantage of and started saying all these things to make him super uncomfortable. And I absolutely lost it when Hayasaka just started singing such an anime-sounding song. Like, it sounded LEGIT and I think that’s what made it all the more funny. Not to mention she was singing a heart-broken song. Way to just really twist the knife. The poor guy really had to just sit through all that lol.

I always feel like Shirogane brings up points that make him out to be a hypocrite. Like what he said back in season one about just being upfront with your feelings despite not doing it himself. And here when he brings up how it’s better to be your true self with others and not putting up a front. For the past two seasons, Shirogane is CONSTANTLY trying to hide his insecurities and bluff his way through things he’s not good at so that others (mostly Kaguya) won’t see his faults. Which is why Chika is just constantly suffering as she’s just trying to help Shirogane not suck at the things he’s terrible at. And while Hayasaka brings up the counterpoint of not being able to be loved as yourself and you need to put on an act, she throws it back at Shirogane, asking if he can be his true self. Which actually gets him to think about it. Especially since one of his negatives as a character is what he says and does are two opposite things at times. He’s so worried about what other people view him due to his wealth status, that he’s constantly putting on a front and not letting others see him for who he truly is. He definitely needs to do some introspecting on fixing this bad habit. But I’m glad that it was pointed out since it needed to be addressed and will definitely be good for his character development. Shirogane is a good guy with a good heart. But he’s also a dumb teenager who needs to sort some things out.

Also can we just talk about how when Kaguya sneezed I was like: Gurl WHERE ARE YOU??? Freaking spying from the roof or something??? Of course she’d be on standby somewhere nearby lol. I love Kaguya, but I don’t feel bad for her when bad or unexpected things happen by her own doing. Especially with how she treats Hayasaka. She states how she wouldn’t want to be thrown into a den of men, but has no qualms with sending Hayasaka instead. Gurl, treat the person who is essentially your sister better! When she was thinking about how Hayasaka loses her reasoning whenever she’s mad, I’m like: Gurl, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for this situation. She’s also just a dumb teenager who has been raised to be quite sheltered so she doesn’t know better. But I’m sure it’ll help her grow in the long run as she has a lot of potential to be a better person in the future. Though I’m glad she had enough sense to not just barge into the room wearing sunglasses and a mask that made her look like stalker. I absolutely cackled when she just tossed those things onto the floor while yelling lol. Not to mention the freaking security cam just catching all of her freak outs in 4k.

I honestly had to roll my eyes at the “explicit” language they used for trying to psyche us out with. We KNOW nothing of that sort would happen between them since Shirogane is a very loyal boy. Though it was odd that Kaguya didn’t actually hear his rap through the door despite hearing the “obscenities.” I do feel bad that Chika had to come all the way to the karaoke place (most likely even had to pay too) only to immediately back out upon realizing that Shirogane was doing karaoke too. Though I did laugh at how it triggered a PTSD response from her and her erratic breaths killed me.

While Kaguya hasn’t been the greatest to Hayasaka, I do still like seeing their bond. Hayasaka may seem like she wants to throw Kaguya out a window at times, but she still cares about her and does go above and beyond for her. But despite that, it also seems like she’s also jealous of how much fun Kaguya seems to be having lately with the others. I can’t fully tell whether Hayasaka wants to take Kaguya down a peg or two out of jealousy or also wants to join in on the fun. It could be a little bit of both, since Kaguya seems to be a lot more free while Hayasaka is still stuck being a maid. Though it is cute that despite the two being “master and servant,” they still consider each other akin to sisters. Not to mention when Kaguya mentions that, their hairstyles were very similar to each other in that moment, driving home how close they are in their bond and personality. Which was cute.

This episode definitely didn’t hit as hard as the first one, but it still had some character growing moments with some hilarious callbacks to previous episodes in the past couple seasons. It also might not have helped that I’m not particularly like situations that surround Ishigami and Iino and for some reason the Hayasaka focused skits never really hit me too hard either. So this episode in particular wasn’t my jam. But I still was able to enjoy it and gave some introspective to some of the characters. Shirogane and Hayasaka in particular.

Also, WHY DO THEY GO SO HARD FOR THE ENDINGS?! The animation and art style was just LEAGUES above how endings usually are. I daresay the animation was better than the opening.


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