It’s time for the girls to get their first power-up! A new weapon was needed after Gentlu made use of Narcistoru revealed a secret way to use their capture device. By pouring in her own power, the Ubau-zo becomes stronger, making the girls’ attacks useless. What he neglected to mention however, was the price of that, which put the captured Recipeppis through extreme pain. Of course, that sort of thing wasn’t going to fly with- but of them all, it was Yui who I felt was the most upset about this. We saw her talk about how the Recipeppis are basically the embodiment of her belief “food brings smiles”, which makes perfect sense considering they respond to those who are enjoying their meals. So to hear and see them as distressed as they were really set her off. In response to their convictions to save the Recipeppis, the girls acquired the Heart Juicy Mixer, the tool necessary to counter the buffed up Ubau-zo.

Gentlu, once again she found herself struggling with her conscious as Amane, who was begging her to stop hurting the Recipeppis. But even before that, just as ‘Gentlu’, she was taken aback to see the new power she was using was hurting the Recipeppis, so much she actually apologized for making them suffer. But it was most likely Amane talking, because so as long as Gentlu continues to use the device Narcistoru had given her, her apology won’t hold– something which will definitely confuse Yui further because her actions will be contradicting her words.

That said, I am curious to see how Gentlu will proceed going forward. How much of the influence on her will be tweaked, if at all. Narcistoru did suggest that the strings of the puppet (Gentlu) needs to be tied up again, so it’s a question of how much, how soon and for how long can Amane’s consciousness be suppressed. By the looks of things, Gentlu attempting to find ways to find opportunities she can take advantage of in order to produce results. It looks like next week she might be attempting to set up some traps to have the girls to be too preoccupied with other matters to prevent them from interfering with capturing the Recipeppis. It will be interesting to see how many episodes we will see Gentlu attempting to find opportunities she can take advantage of in order to produce results. I imagine at some point she may shift her strategy to aiming to get closer to them as Amane– though she sort of shot herself in the foot for that today after giving them the cold shoulder. So that might complicate things a little, but I can’t imagine too much since Yui wasn’t too bothered by her comment on the Recipeppis.

Nevertheless, should Gentlu eventually decide to “befriend” the girls in attempt to uncover their vulnerabilities in order to take them out, there’s a very high chance the one who will actually exploit this situation would be Narcistoru.

And speaking of the devil… (and really, he is one, look at those toothy fangs of his), I must say Narcistoru’s character really intrigues me and I already really like him a lot as an antagonist. He’s a piece of shit, but man I absolutely love it when we have smart and cruel villains, and it’s absolutely fantastic to see one show up as early as now. It just makes the story a lot more interesting since you don’t know what else they have up their sleeve. It sure looks like he is cooking up a plan to exploit Gentlu to the fullest, and will strike when he feels the time is ripe to maximize one’s suffering. The guy himself has already made it clear that he loves seeing the anguish on people’s faces, so what better way to do that than to set up the ultimate betrayal? That would certainly be his bread and butter.

Lastly, I wanted to point out something that caught my attention. While the episode largely focused on leading up to their first power-up, I felt they had quietly touched on how Yui is coping with her grandmother’s absence. I’m pretty sure this was the first time we actually saw the food placed next to her picture, which more or less confirms she is no longer in this world, something I am sure many of us already suspected from the start. Anyways, the reason why this is little detail is important is because one of the things they did in this episode, was remind us how important it is to Yui to be able to see and interact with the Recippipis. The have played a large part in many of her most precious memories of her time with her grandmother. Without them, or should she one day suddenly find herself unable to see them, I get the feeling Yui may be more vulnerable to succumbing to the void that has been left behind. This is something I have always felt to be most apparent when we see her sitting alone at the end of the Opening until the rest of the gang shows up. It makes me wonder if we’re going to see them play with the theme of: ”You may not see/be with them anymore, but know they will always be watching over you.’  Perhaps, that may be the reason why we’re hearing her grandmother do the narration, as proof that her spirit is still watching over Yui and her friends.


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  1. Williukea

    I can really see parallels between Gentle and Eas from Fresh in this episode. Specifically both saying “Everything for (main villain)-sama”, Gentle gaining powerup that also affects her and she’s suffering from that powerup…

    1. Eva

      Right? I kept on thinking, “So I’m not crazy! This really does remind me a lot of Eas Fresh Precure!” XD

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