Holy shit, can I just take a moment to scream first? Because I really need to scream, I can hardly contain myself! ASDKJAHSDKALSDASDJAHSDH!!!!!!!!!!!

After being recaptured by Bundoru Gang, Amane has been brainwashed all over again and sent back to the field. Mari drops an alarming bombshell how this process actually eats away one’s true self. And after finding a piece of hope to draw Amane out of the darkness, the team hatches a plan to try and save her before it’s too late.

Honestly the plan to lure Gentlu out worked out pretty smoothly considering they were able to make use of Chururin’s posts. Except, they neglected to double check for any other shops that open early. But thanks to that it meant Takumi was at the scene, effectively laying everything out in front of him. I was super glad for it because it just prevents this whole “secretly precure” thing from being dragged out for longer than necessary.

The battle with Gentlu was pretty good, but I felt like the resolution to her predicament was a tad rushed. And I mostly say that because Godatz had just blackened her heart again, but I guess depending on how you look at it, because it’s still “fresh” there’s more time for Amane to fight back, where as the longer it takes to save her, the more difficult it would  be for Amane to preserve her true self. Either way it’s not a deal breaker, but like I mentioned like week, I wouldn’t be surprised if some may feel like they rushed Gentlu’s character out the door too soon.

The highlight of the fight though was seeing the girls finally combine their newfound power, bring out Pretty Cute! Mix Heart Attack! which I considered to be a great improvement from their solo shots. It felt less dragged out and more dramatic, something I feel like this series has been lacking with the combat so far, especially in comparison to its predecessors. (Curiously we did see Yui’s basic attack go from 500 to 1000 this time, a subtle change.) The rippled heart sort of reminded me of power puff girls there, but it was cute all the same!

Truth to be told, there was a part of me was hoping to see more close combat between Yui and Gentlu, but this fight wasn’t suited for that to begin with. Yui already knew going into this that she was going to attempt to draw Amane out through communication and she didn’t want to hurt her either. That’s why she was constantly on the defensive.

That being said, it was also quite a big gamble on their part as well, especially since they banking on the piece of evidence of Amane’s love for recipippis, which was her drawing on her family’s flyer for Fruits Parlor KASAI. We don’t know how long ago it had been since she had done that, and with Godatz blackening her heart further, there was honestly no telling whether Amane who loved recippipis still existed at this point. That was precisely why Mari was shocked to see Amane had enough strength in her to stop herself and plea to Yui to put an end to this, which ultimately lead to her survival.

As of right now, we don’t know what has become of Amane. It doesn’t look like she will fall into a coma, but it seems possible that she could experience an amnesia. If that’s the case, we may not necessarily see her back to school yet, or perhaps the girls (despite having said they’d like to become friends with her) may reconsider getting close to her for the time being to keep her out of danger once more. I’m mostly curious to find out what her role will evolve into, it’s hard to imagine her not joining the circle, even as someone who doesn’t become a precure in the end.

With Bundoru Gang’s puppet “Gentlu” out of the picture, it’s time for Narcistoru to step up to the plate. Considering his sadistic tendencies, it will be interesting to see how differently he goes about things. Gentlu has always been deliberately careful with not harming the town and people, but how will Narcistoru go about it? He strikes me as the type who’d just wreck havoc for the sake of making everyone miserable at their powerlessness. They will certainly still drag him and the monster into the Delicious Field– though I do wonder if a time will come when they actually lose access to using that space.

Finally, I can get around to talking about Takumi because this is my entire mood right now!


I mean holy shit. So I wasn’t overthinking to think it was a bit suspicious how Takumi had such a strong reaction when Mari asked if they have met before! So whatever knowledge Takumi possesses, it was enough to let him know that whatever is in the box could be used as a key to gain access into the Delicious Field in the first place.

So it begs the question, just how much does Takumi know about CooKingdom and the Recipippis? As far as we are concerned, he has been just as confused as everyone else was when the monsters started showing up. We also we don’t know for certain whether or not he can see the recipeppis. Right now, he has showed no indication of such, but if he can, then dang, he has been hiding it pretty well.

And although he has been caught up in many encounters with these monsters (first hand with Mari at the scene if I may add), I am under the impression Takumi has only started carrying that box around with him after he caught Mari disappearing into the field back in episode 8. Otherwise I imagine we would have been given some sort of indication that he had followed them in sooner, as Mari had only sensed his presence today.

Now thanks to that little box, Takumi is no longer left in the dark, but how will he go about this? Curiously, while Takumi had a chance to confront everyone, he made the decision to not to reveal himself and kept himself hidden. Besides probably needing time to process all of this, perhaps he wants to investigate Mari further before doing that, or maybe he is hoping that Yui will give him an explanation since she saw that he witnessed the whole spectacle before they transferred over to the Delicious Field. Frankly I think it would be pretty rude to try and sweep the obvious under the rug at this point, so I really hope she doesn’t do that or try to deny it– even if Takumi is the one to bring it up first.

But while Takumi has witnessed the whole spectacle, it doesn’t change the fact his biggest concern at the moment is Yui’s safety. It doesn’t really matter that Mari protected her from a hit today and is acting as a the girls’ chaperon of a sorts. The fact of the matter is, she is still in a dangerous situation, and I can only imagine it is about to get whole lot worse with Narcistoru, someone who thrives off people’s misery. I mean think about it: First he constantly spots Mari the scene whenever these monsters start popping up around town, then he notices Yui has been spending a lot of time with Mari (and if I may add, is an adult and a “stranger” who just popped into town…), and then next he knows, he sees them disappearing together in this magical light along with the said monsters–of all things considered, can you really blame him?

Anyhow before I wrap things up, I wanted to point out how the box most likely belongs to Takumi’s father or at least someone in his family. While we have yet to meet the guy, based on the preview, I’m pretty darn sure the guy dramatically flying into the arms to her other woman (presumably Takumi’s mother) is the one to have the connection is to CooKingdom. We appear to be getting some cheesy backstory on the two met and fell in love. And by the looks of things, that guy could possibly be the hooded man in the Opening seen alongside Mari and Fennel. If so, then all that’s left to figure out is whether he is still actively on duty or have retired after marrying Takumi’s mother– provided that’s the story. Of course this is still purely speculation until we’re told otherwise.

Next week I am looking forward to learning more about Takumi’s secrets and what kind of power the box holds! And since Takumi has had rather minimal appearances so far, I am hopeful that this means we will start seeing him get involved more often!


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  1. anonymous

    I think you are right about takumi and his father us likely one of Mari ‘s comrades and that’s takumi looked familiar to him? perhaps he will help him unleash his powers but keep it a secret for the girls. considering that Yui’s father is also absent perhaps he and Yui’s grandma are also from the Cookingdom? would that make Yui too special of a pink lead?
    n other news I m curious of Amane backstop and why she was chosen as a puppet. maybe because she saw the fairies or was it totally random?
    that bring said I think this arc worked pretty well considering the delay due to hacking, and I Don’t think the resolution is rushed. The scene were the girls talk about what it would be like to be basically a slave not being able to do things you want anymore was enough for me, because you don’t need to interact a lot with a person in such predicament in order to feel sympathy for them. Freedom of ones thoughts and actions is one of the most important rights .
    Finally I I glad that with the conclusion of the arc the girls have established their dynamic and have gotten stronger so it won’t feel that they will be sidelined by the addition of potential new allies

    1. Eva

      Although I haven’t mentioned it in any of my posts, Yui’s family possibly having a connection to CooKingdom has been in the back of my mind as well. And that’s mainly because I’ve always thought Yui’s eye color is quite similar to the royals, which is quite curious. And now that we see Takumi’s father may be the one to have ties to that, it certainly makes it all the more possible, royalty related or not!

      …Wait a minute what if that’s why they are neighbors? LOL!!!!

      As for Amane’s case for being chosen to be a puppet, this my biggest question mark at this time. I imagine we’ll see more people who will have their hearts blackened, and honestly I get the feeling Mari may be an upcoming target for that just because he is vulnerable after having lost his powers and has indicated that he may suffered from infliction of Gentlu’s attack last week.

      //The scene were the girls talk about what it would be like to be basically a slave not being able to do things you want anymore was enough for me, because you don’t need to interact a lot with a person in such predicament in order to feel sympathy for them. Freedom of ones thoughts and actions is one of the most important rights .//

      I agree they nailed that part, especially like the part of putting themselves into the other’s shoes. Often times it’s a detail that gets glossed over, so it was quite heartwarming to see. The ‘tad rushed’ part I mentioned was mainly with whether they could have gotten away with one more episode for Gentlu’s development. But considering the circumstances of a race against time, it was better to keep the snappy pace.

      That being said, even with the delays from the hack, the pace of the story so far has been great so far, and it’s something I really hope they keep up with! 😀

  2. Williukea

    “there was honestly no telling whether Amane who loved recippipis still existed at this point.” Gentle has apologized for hurting Recipeppis earlier, last episode she briefly returned to being Amane and only got further brainwashed this episode, so it’s safe to assume real Amane who loves Recipeppis still existed.
    “Otherwise I imagine we would have been given some sort of indication that he had followed them in sooner, as Mari had only sensed his presence today.” Takumi only followed them into Delicious Field today because he saw Yui go in. In ep 8 he saw only Mary-chan go in and he’s not about to follow this weird guy. In other cases he just wasn’t near action. As for box, I don’t think it’s related to him going in Delicious Field, I assume it has something to do with his secret that will be revealed next ep and is likely from cookingdom, bc the knife and spoon logo. Anyone can go into Delicious Field, as seen with cures going in, it’s just nobody wants to follow strange guy and monster.
    For Yui’s grandma being from Cookingdom… that would explain her weird food-related idioms. While it’s possible she’s a normal food-obsessed human like Yui, it’s more likely she was from Cookingdom. Maybe that’s why Yui can see recipeppis. Others saw it too, but they could see Recippepis better after becoming cures, unlike Yui who always saw them well…

    1. Eva

      Just to be clear, I was only referring to after Narcistoru retrieved her since we saw Godatz blackening her heart again, so it was more of a matter of whether the real Amane still had enough left in her after that. Heck even Mari was surprised she was still there at that point.

      As for Takumi choosing to go in this time, fair point.

      I’m curious to find out about any potential connection to Cookingdom. Something to look forward to!

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