This week’s episode focused on working on the friendship between Ran and Kokone. The two found themselves constantly at odds with each other to the point both became self-conscious of their actions. Ran is acutely aware of she has a bad habit of taking over the conversations, either interrupting or not giving room for others to talk. So she made an attempt to try and fix that by listening more, but breaking a habit like that isn’t going to happen in a day’s time.  Meanwhile, Kokone felt concerned that she was too opinionated, making it hard for her to agree with others about things she can’t help but feel differently about. The worst of it happened though when they ended up butting heads with how to take care of Kome-Kome (who by the way, evolved again). Ran who was already used to taking care of her younger siblings felt like she knew exactly what Kome-Kome needed when she started crying refused to listen, and Kokone who was trying to help in her own way by offering to help find another solution was shut out. In the end, the two butting heads actually caused some problems and put them at risk while they were fighting the monster this week. They did finally resolve their problems when Yui said it’s better that they are different from each other anyways.

Speaking of Yui, the only thing I found a bit weird about this episode was how she didn’t have much presence when she too needs time to bond with Ran. Instead, she served as a mediator, simply offering advice to Pam-Pam and Mem-Mem, while leaving the girls to really figure things out on their own until she finally remembered her grandmother’s words of wisdom. Of course there’s plenty of time for Yui to get some time to better establish her friendship with Ran, but considering we’re already going to see the first power up next week- a part of me sort of wished we got to see it before then, just to strengthen their relationship a bit more before the first big fight. But who knows, maybe we’ll get just that in the next episode?

And then we have Gentlu, who had an “out of character” outburst this week, and by that I’m referring to her breaking out of her “Bundoru Persona”. As suspected from last week’s development, Phantom Narcistoru confirmed today that the Bundoru Gang has been using Gentlu as a puppet. Now with her strings starting to break (though it’s unclear exactly why that is, apart from maybe the manipulation done on her was imperfect from the start), we’re starting to see the side of her that has been sealed away up until now. And the main thing that triggers her is seeing others potentially getting hurt in the crossfire.

But that wasn’t the only significant thing that happened, when she had that brief breakthrough moment, we saw one of her eyes change to blue. This revelation shook me because guess who else has blue eyes? Ah yes. The fourth member in opening and the key visual.

While I am still strongly committed to the possibility of it being Takumi, in all honestly the possibility of Gentlu being the fourth member in the Opening has always been lurking in the back of my mind. I mean, they do sort of share Gentlu’s design, as she has the mask, cape, hat, sporting somewhat similar  hair color, and now, apparently actually has matching blue eyes. The only thing that really throws off that possibility is the obvious boyish looks and the uncanny resemblance to Takumi.

Of course, while I have said from the start I will be doing my uttermost best to keep my hopes and dreams in check, I’m not gonna lie, the moment I saw the blue eyes, I died a little inside. Hahahahah, oh man. I actually paused the episode because I needed a moment to process it. All I could think of, “OH shit-Oh no. F. Dang it. FFFF— SHE HAS BLUE EYES- FFFF–Seriously?! Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. How this going to play out now?!”

Am I overreacting over a glimpse of blue eyes? Probably. Most Definitely. Absolutely.
But can you blame me? My heart been toyed with before!!!!


Immediately after processing what they had just dumped onto us, one of the things that imeaditely crossed my mind was the red-herring game from Fresh Precure! And it is precisely why I find it even more interesting how last week, we saw both Takumi’s and Gentlu’s development kick off at the same time. This gives me the feeling they just might be setting up to pull another red-herring stunt of “who is supposed to be the precure?!” all over again. It’s not a bad trick, so as long as it doesn’t get unnecessarily dragged out for too long. Fresh Precure sure dragged it out for as long as they could, and played all sort of mind games that sometimes made you doubt things just when you thought you got a read on it. But it did get to a point where it was fairly obvious and I just wanted them to make it official already.

Now if they do decide to do this, boy those of us in the Takumi 4th Member Hope-Camp need to brace our hearts for potential endless teasing for god knows how long. Ah man, the red-herring games… Well, we will just have to wait and see how they decide to go about this.  But realistically speaking, this week was just a reminder it would be in our best interest to just keep our expectations in check. If it happens we can celebrate, if it doesn’t, well… tough luck for us, haha…. (sobs).

Lastly, we were introduced to Phantom Narcistoru! Oh gosh, his name actually had me cracking up real hard for a good five minutes. He didn’t actually do anything this week, however we did learn that up until now, he has been working on something behind the scenes, and followed Gentlu into the field today to observe the precures.  As far as we know, the “thing” he has been working on is still in the trial phase. I’m not sure if that means it will actually be completed properly to be used in what looks to be the first ‘Mini Boss’ battle since the girls will be getting their first real power-up. However it’s worth noting he claims when it is ready, they are prepared to cast Gentlu aside, so it will be interesting to see whether it will contribute or speed up Gentlu’s downfall that’s already in progress!


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  1. Katy

    Gentle left before she did that weird chant. Maybe it has a purpose after all, since her civilian, for lack of a better term, personality started to break through right after that.

    1. Eva

      OHHHHHH! Nice observation!!!!! I always thought it was weird that they would do that chant each time and wondered what’s the point of it, but man that would be such a shrewd way to make it purposeful!

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