There’s going to be a lot of multi-part episodes so next time I think I’ll just do the episodes together. Anywho, we already have our next enemy and it looks like Jolyne is getting a little bit closer to finding White Snake and learning who he is, and finding Jotaro’s discs.

We open the episode up with a terrifying stand devouring two male inmates doing a job at night. Because of these two’s disappearance, a volunteer search party is formed with some of the female inmates to find them. And two of them consist of Jolyne and Hermes, where they finally catch up about everything that’s been happening from the beginning.

We’ve learned a very important thing from the discs, the main thing being that even when McQueen lost both of his discs he was able to be revived when they were put back, at least one of them. He looked like a goner last episode thanks to that electrocution, but getting at least one of the discs back brought him back to “life”. Meaning, Jotaro technically isn’t deceased. If he’s able to at least get one of this discs back, then he should be able to revive as well. However is there a time limit to this, we don’t know but at least there’s hope. Getting the discs back might also prove to be difficult, even though Jolyne has an idea where all of them are. She was able to sort of insert McQueen’s memory disc into herself to try and see it, and she was able to see that White Snake is hoarding a plethora of discs into the tire of a tractor somewhere in the prison. The only reason McQueen got a Stand was because White Snake forced one on him from a disc he already had, from previous Stands and Stand users whose memory discs he’s stolen for who knows how long. And with knowing that, Jolyne happily volunteered for the search party as it was led outside of the prison and into the fields. From there, Jolyne and now Hermes begin their journey for that tractor from McQueen’s memory where the discs are being held.

First of all, how the hell is it legal for this prison to own these explosive hand cuffs? I mean I know the American prison system is terrible but this is just insane. Well, this is Florida we’re talking about….anywho. I love how weird and suspenseful the Stand battles have been. This plankton thing is legit creepy and seeing them multiply and all that was unsettling. This is going to be a fun one, and we’re so close to getting introduced to a fan favorite character. The episode was pretty good, and I like how comfortable Jolyne and Hermes have gotten with each other. They definitely are go-getters toward their goal and they don’t really dillydally. And it’s not like they can anyway what with how restricted their lives are as inmates, this opportunity to leave the prison grounds and check outside the area is a golden opportunity for them. And again it gave them a perfect opportunity to catch up and explain everything that’s going on, as well as get to know each other personally and their Stand abilities. And they work well together and I can’t wait for more scenes in the future.

The girls move on to their next enemy, as there is a mysterious 6th person among the original 5 person group. We’ve lost one to the horrible explosion, so that means their enemy has to be one of the other inmates. As long as they’re away from the water they’re okay, but they’re still not totally safe. And so the battle truly starts! I can’t wait to see the rest.

While I am enjoying the anime, I am noticing some dips in quality with the animation. It can look wonky sometimes, and I even noticed some recycled shots. It’s not a big deal or anything, but it’s starting to get noticeable. Still, I’m having a good time with the anime still.


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