This episode crammed too much things into one and made the pacing considerably suffer. Why Empress and the others lost their memories, the fight against Smiley, and Charlotte recovering her memories were all solved all at once in this episode. Perhaps because the series is going to near its end? That most likely the case. Now, how are they going to handle the rest of the episodes?

We learned why Smiley was so obsessed with finding a wife and having children. After his creation by Lunatic, Smiley read the popular book, Paradise Lost. Reading the book and knowing his own strength sprout feeling of loneliness in Smiley and he longed for companion. When Smiley confided to Lunatic, her suggestion she gave to solve his problem made me want to just stab this girl for how messed up she is. She was the one who suggested to Smiley to rape those girls and found himself a bride who’ll give birth to his children so he won’t be lonely. And Smiley, the ever obedient robot he is, followed Lunatic’s suggestion. While I can understand how it feels to be lonely, I don’t have the slightest bit of sympathy for Smiley, and was more than happy when he, again, was defeated. This time, I really hope he’s dead for good and never comes back again!

And Lunatic… She’s truly the root of all evil here. Not only she tortured Strength and Dead Master to the point their minds broke, the suggestion she gave Smiley caused many human girls to suffer at Smiley’s hand. From the way she spoke, I had no doubt that everything was nothing but an entertainment to her. And her suggestion to Smiley was made out of whim rather than truly trying to help him. She knew that all to well it’s impossible for Smiley to have kids, but still suggested him so because it was funny to her. Girls, you have to kill Lunatic! Don’t give her any mercy!

The episode finally revealed why Empress and the others have memory problem and why Dead Master and Strength were hostile towards Empress when they first reunited. It’s explained that Dead Master and Strength were tortured to near insanity by Lunatic, and she brainwashed them into hating Empress in the process. When Empress was defeated, she was brought to them by Lunatic, so Empress used the special hard disk she has to boost her power and then saved Dead Master and Strength. This came at the cost of 93% of her body got broken, which  led her to the facility int he first episode where she recuperate with Black Triker watching over her. The damage she received also caused her memory to suffer memory loss when she woke up.

Even though I’m glad some of my questions were answered, it still didn’t make up the problem I have with the pacing of the episode. The battle moved and ended too quickly, especially with how the recovery of Empress and the others’ memories were slipped in between. And the hard disk that Empress used seemed come out of nowhere for convenience sake without being hinted in the previous episodes.

On the other hand, I’m glad with the development of David’s character, who now truly considers Empress as the hope of humanity and his comrade rather than a tool for their victory. And while the brainwashing problem was settled too quickly, I’m still glad to see that David was able to save Charlotte without killing her and cure her from her brainwashing, returning her to become the daughter that he knows and loves. I’m so happy for you, David! (TTvTT)


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