Now, this was an alright episode. This wasn’t exactly the most exciting episode or fight, it felt kind of filler-ish. I remember this scene of Jolyne and the girls playing baseball during their free time but I actually forgot about this fight entirely and I guess I’m not too surprised since it admittedly was pretty boring.

A debt collector Stand itself is pretty cool, it reminds me of the Darby brothers and their stands when it came to making bets. Marilyn Manson is pretty horrifying in that it’ll just take an organ for the remaining cash, Hermes not immediately collapsing after losing her liver is amazing. But yeah, the fight was just okay. Miraschon suddenly earns a Stand after paying a visit to Father Pucci even though all she wanted was a chance at parole. Instead Pucci saw her evil of cunning theft in her and forced a Stand into her with some discs he had. Knowing Star Platinum has been taken and not wanting the chance at Jotaro’s revival, Pucci sends out Miraschon to hunt down the disc through Jolyne and her gang. And fittingly with her love of money and her penchant for theft, Miraschon makes a bet with the girls over their game of catch.

And that’s basically it. It starts off easy with the first bet being 100 throws without dropping the ball, which was made while they were in their 80’s. After easily reaching 100, Miraschon ups the ante to another 100 for $1200k. Jolyne being suspicious of Miraschon she pulls out but not being able to say no to that amount of money, Hermes steps up. It was really reckless and bit them in the ass later when they realized free time was over and they weren’t even near done. Really not smart on their part. Money being a really important thing to have in the jail, especially when making phone calls like we’ve seen before, it’s understandable why Hermes wanted to go for it. And having enough money just MIGHT help them in the long run when it comes to returning the Star Platinum disc to the Speedwagon Foundation somehow. Jolyne lost her privileges thanks to her escape attempt, but she will get them later on. Still, she needs a chance to contact them. But at the moment she doesn’t have a plan and I don’t blame her. So that money can be pretty life saving.

Again, the “fight” itself was alright. The girls have to force the baseball inside the jail so they can continue playing, while Miraschon is doing her best to screw them over. And while it looks like all is lost when she traps Jolyne in the elevator, separating her from F.F., we get the typical “Actually this was my plan!” Jojo moment and Jolyne beats the crap out of Miraschon. And considering I just recently rewatched a playthrough of Danganronpa, the 1000 baseball blows was pretty hilarious timing.

And that’s that. Not much else to say, this episode could have been skipped since not much happened that was important. I love F.F.’s energy, she’s pretty cute and her protectiveness over her water is entertaining. And…gross. We didn’t see Pucci much but for a priest he’s really creepy, it’ll be fun when we get more focus on him. And just a small comment, I love Jolyne’s theme. I’m glad that each Jojo has gotten such banger theme songs, can’t wait to hear the full version! So this episode being whatever, I hope the next ones will be better.


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