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We’re reaching the end of Stone Ocean as now that Jolyne has the disc. Last episode really did feel like such a filler so we’re back on track with the most important thing: Jolyne getting into contact with the Speedwagon Foundation in order to somehow return Jotaro’s disc to revive him. And of course it’s not going to be easy as Jolyne has to maneuver in the prison with bribes and possible prison time extensions, as well as a Stand user sent by Pucci to go after Jolyne.

As we know, Jolyne isn’t averse to risk taking. All that money they won from Miraschon definitely came in handy for all the bribing, but the biggest risk and basically the only way Jolyne was able to contact the Speedwagon Foundation was through the prison’s phone, which always records calls. It hadn’t been found out until Pucci asked for the records later, so of course he was going to be on her tail when Pucci noticed something weird. From the phone call, Jolyne makes it clear that Jotaro can be revived when his disc returns to him. The Foundation is currently keeping Jotaro safe in a non-disclosed location, so thankfully he’s safe. Even with the Speedwagon Foundation’s HQ being in Texas, the representative on the phone orders Jolyne to meet them in the courtyard of the prison in just 20 minutes. It’s sudden but this is her chance to get it to them, and so she immediately sets off to meet with them. However, before that Jolyne runs into Emporio and we take a bit of a detour.

We find out that Emporio is actually a Stand user himself, and he’s able to come in and out and control “ghost objects”. It’s basically how he was able to go in and out of the prison areas, and how he took Jolyne to that old music room. I sort of understand Emporio’s ability, but it also confuses me as well. But it proves to be really useful. And in that music room, we meet two other characters. Well, one of them really as the pink-haired guy just looked over at Jolyne before leaving. The character we meet, who is one of my favorite characters in Stone Ocean, is Weather Report. Emporio introduces him as a bit of a weird guy who’s completely lost all of his memories so he doesn’t talk much, but learning from these two episodes, is a pretty great guy. Probably because of having no memories of himself, his stand name is Weather Report as well as his “actual” name. He heads out with Jolyne to help her get to the courtyard and becomes a huge help when dealing with the enemy these episodes.

Weather Report’s Stand ability is like the name implies, he’s able to control weather. He can create little clouds and control the air in rooms, which came to be a life saver when dealing with Jumpin Jack Flash who created zero gravity spaces. It was a really entertaining fight, as well as kind of terrifying when we saw the extent of how dangerous the zero gravity could be. A great science lesson too from Weather Report as we learned how blood worked in the body and how they would meet their end if they didn’t deal with the enemy in time. This was a much more entertaining fight compared to the last one, and very creative too. We barely got to meet Weather Report but we saw what he could do with his abilities, like making an entire air astronaut suit. The way he can manipulate the weather is seriously really fun to watch and so helpful. It was also pretty funny that he used his clouds to absorb their pee droplets. And while the pee moment felt random it was actually part of that science lesson with the zero gravity haha. And just to gush about Weather Report again, I love that they cast Yuuichirou Umehara for him because he’s just perfect. I love his voice and I think it suits Weather’s so well. Honestly I’m just happy in general with this cast because all of them have been killing it.

Next episode will be the finale of this first part of Stone Ocean. Jolyne has finally come face to face with Pucci in the end, so how will things go from there as she tries to make her way to the courtyard? Time is ticking so there’s no time to waste


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