This week we got to see more of Amane’s charms, and I must say she is quite an endearing character! She is very cute, and I like how she has a softer personality that isn’t the kind to stir up dramas because of the clash of egos. Instead her little Parfait Recippepi takes care of that, but not to the extent it affects the group dynamics or causes any real problems. Instead, it serves to humor us with how much it adores Amane and holds her to such a high regard haha, but I digress.

The arrangements of baking her twin brothers a cake each for their birthday gave us a bit of a taste of the dynamics between the girls. Kokone and Amane are very much on the same wave-length, and served as a great pair when it came to baking the Fresh Cream cake together. Meanwhile we got to see how Yui and Ran meshed well, as they are both quite spontaneous and get easily sidetracked by food. They were also on the same wave-length when it came to brainstorming ideas for the Chocolate Cream cake that they were responsible for making.

Then when it was time to fight again, Amane certainly proved herself to be a “princely-princess” type when she helped Yui get out of a pinch. Unfortunately for Takumi, that resulted being robbed an opportune moment to assist Yui. He was caught off-guard to see a fourth member has joined the team. In the end, while he did try to help out, he wasn’t really able to contribute to anything as with Amane on the team, the girls were able to easily take care of it themselves. (Though I will say: I am curious if we are starting to see a pattern with Yui facing the dilemma of how her attacks have become too predictable, or at least she needs to exercise more caution when she’s charging head first to land that punch.)

Apart from that, we actually got a bit of plot information involving the Recipe-Bon and Cinnamon. Today we learned this is actually not the first instance where the Recipe-Bon had been stolen. It turns out the last time it happened, it was believed to have been taken by Cinnamon, a fellow Cook Fighter. However when Amane heard of this, she pointed out that she had been told that it was the Gang who had been responsible for the theft, and she has never heard of anyone called Cinnamon. Now Mari finds himself feeling lost and confused by this revelation, as he was among many in CooKingdom who thought or was led to believe that Cinnamon was the culprit.

So this suggests Cinnamon may have been unjustly charged for a crime he did not commit. It also gives me the impression that perhaps Cinnamon had actually been the one to recover the Recipe-Bon from the Bundoru Gang in the first place (as Mari pointed out it wasn’t lost for long). But instead of returning as a hero, he may have was framed for the theft. So if Takumi’s father is Cinnamon as we’re largely are led to believe, this would further explain why he had left CooKingdom, and readily settled down in this world after he fell in love. As for Takumi not knowing about ‘Cinnamon’, remember that his father did not divulge him all the details. He gave him a very basic rundown, and simply asked of him to be careful and responsible with the Delicioustone. And bearing all of that in mind, there is another point to consider: If Cinnamon had in fact been framed, that sure sounds like there’s a double-agent lurking within CooKingdom, and in order not to get themselves exposed they set Cinnamon up for the fall.

Overall it was a nice episode, and I am glad they were able to plug in a bit of plot progression in it to help keep things moving along! Next week we’ll get to see the girls in formal outfits as they go visit Kokone’s family restaurant! It’ll be fun to see them dressed-up!


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    There might be… an imposter amoung us

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    This is something KiraKira should have been more like

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