I’m going to be honest and get straight to the point, I kind of had a hard time focusing on this episode simply because of how uncomfortable I was. I understand the Abyss is a wild and dangerous place where anything can happen. The second Riko made the decision to go on this journey, she put her life on the line. This is a dark journey that is basically suicide and the Abyss is a vast and strange place where each layer is like its own country. THAT SAID…there were things this episode that could have been taken out or edited and it wouldn’t have changed the story in the slightest.

Did we really need to see a scene of Faputa stabbing Reg in the bellybutton and then licking the blood, and then right after sniffing his penis and saying “Yep, that’s my Reg.” Did we really need to see Riko almost get tentacle raped by these Hollows? Riko getting attacked by these Hollows because of her naivete? Sure, that’s fine. Having it be fetishy tentacle sexual assault? WHY? Just why why why? Every episode has had a scene like this, especially when it comes to the toilet issues which has happened every single episode. And it all feels so unnecessary that if we had taken out those toilet scenes and worked around Reg and Faputa’s encounter, and the alley scene, things wouldn’t have changed. Because the most important part of the Faputa scene was the fact that Faputa knew Reg but Reg didn’t remember, and the detail that Reg has been alive for all this time and Faputa is the same. THIS is what I care about, not that other stuff. Because honestly not much else came from that scene other than that, all of that other stuff could have easily been taken out or reworked. Same with the toilet and pooping scene, that could have been taken out entirely and we could have just switched back to Riko when she was ready to head out with Meinya. And reworking the assault scene. I’m not saying that we can’t have scenes like this but only if they serve a purpose, and if they weren’t there for gratuitous fanservice for those that enjoy those kinds of scenes. I’ve seen plenty of people have the same reactions and it’s starting to get really tiring, and also just makes me really uncomfortable. I really do love Made in Abyss, really. The worldbuilding is phenomenal and the characters’ stories are fantastic, but I wish the author could just tone down their weird fetishes. I’m not sure how much more I can take and I’m REALLY hoping there won’t be more of it but I sort have have my doubts. I’m sorry I even have to mention this again but I just can’t ignore with how gratuitous it was this time.

So yes, suffice to say this wasn’t my favorite episode but as usual there were good things in it, and interesting things. Such as how the value system truly works in this village. We know about The Balancing and things having a certain value, but not HOW these things have value. According to Majikaja, items and each person’s value and how high or low it is is based solely on their truth. The village is able to see inside each person and their desires and treasures, Signals of the Soul, and determines their value through that. At first Nanachi says her value is Reg, Riko, and Mitty. Majikaja mentions Mitty and wanting her, making it seem like Mitty was still around. Ditching the fruit and water, Nanachi makes Majikaja take her to Belaf (!!!) to understand what he meant and wow. To actually see Mitty right there was shocking. Reg absolutely incinerated her at the end of the first season, so how is she there next to Belaf like she had never been killed? Did Reg not succeed, or is this maybe not her? But if this is really her, what does this even mean? And it seems like something will happen with Nanachi based on the last words of the episode coming from none other than Vueko herself.

It seems Vueko is imprisoned there, whereever that is and is controlling The Balancing? Vueko and her group made it to the sixth layer a long time ago so how she’s there, I don’t know. Majikaja did say the the Three Sages created this place and we’ve already seen that Belaf and Wazukyan are there as Hollows. Vueko was supposed to be the other Sage so I suppose she’s just doing her part. This makes my theory that the rest of the Hollows, or at least some of them, are the rest of their group. Faputa really must be that little tribal girl. See, when it comes to all of this I’m extremely excited to learn more. How Belaf, Wazukyan, and Vueko became who they are at the moment, what happened in their group a long time ago, how this village came to be, why Mitty is there, etc. I loved their story from the first episode and I’d love to see a lot more from them. Very good stuff! I just wish we’ll solely focus on that and not…other things. I’m begging you, please.


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