This episode was mostly going fine until things got weird at the end. Ichigo has really gotten herself into some really…weird and creepy nonsense. Ha…haha…

So Ichigo asks Aoyama out on a date to the zoo, considering their actual date at the endangered animals exhibition was ruined. Really courageous of her to ask him and thankfully he said yes, and the two meet up and hang out. Things seem okay but only Ichigo is having fun and Aoyama more subdued. He opens up a little later at that kitty petting area, but not until he panicked in the nocturnal animal room. Now, at first I gave Aoyama the benefit of the doubt. I understood why he was freaking out so much, he was afraid an attack like what happened at the exhibition would happen again and something would happen to Ichigo. And because he’s slowly developing feelings for her he cares about her even more, yeah cool that’s fine. He’s just a teenager and considering I’m also a pretty paranoid person, I get it. BUT…then everything that happened between them in the end kinda changed my mind. First of all, I appreciate that Aoyama quickly apologized for raising his voice to Ichigo. Again I sort of understood this reaction considering another attack happened and Ichigo was nowhere to be seen again, so of course he worried. Though that doesn’t mean he has to yell at her, considering she also went off normally to get some drinks at the vending machine so in a real life situation, someone could have evacuated her and it really wouldn’t be her fault. But anyway! His outburst was ehh but then using a cat’s bell as a new choker for her, to let him know when she’s around and then right after calling her his kitty. I just…huh? Am I too old to see how this could be “romantic”? Because the way I see it, this collar and his behavior sort of seems a little…controlling? Or am I taking it too seriously? It’s just so weird! Because this is only their second date and they don’t know each other too well so for all of this to happen is just too much. I said I had wanted to see more of Aoyama and these two’s relationship but now I’m not sure I want to anymore lol.

Haha that Kish, what a card!

Okay no but seriously what a gross creep. I remember the guy to be handsy and stuff, but I guess I had forgotten that he forced a kiss on her until I saw the title for this episode last week. And then THAT happened. I really don’t miss this trope and I’m glad that anime hasn’t really been doing this that much anymore…I think. Well, at least with the anime I watch. It does seem like a dying/dead trope and characters seem to be more self aware with how wrong a one-sided kiss is. But man, one person that the main character has a friendship with forcing a kiss on them is one thing (and still not great), but for a random villain to appear and do that immediately is a whole level of gross. Especially when he licks his lips and says she tastes delicious AGJKLHJKJGL YUCK. Yeah, not a fan of sexual assault, not cool! So far Kish seems like your typical villain, he didn’t leave a good impression for me obviously and he doesn’t seem like a character I’d like. So we’ll see how it goes from here…very cautiously.

Let’s talk about what I did like from this episode, Pudding! Or Bu-ling which is her actual name. I don’t remember how she was introduced in the original but I know she wasn’t introduced this early on, so I do think things were rushed here. Bu-ling becoming a Mew Mew was also really quick and didn’t really have any build up, unlike Lettuce and Ichigo so it was like “oh, so this is happening”. But other than that, even though she didn’t have a huge significant role in this episode I do like her. I think she’s really adorable and funny, and I love that her new design has those lil pigtails. Her reaction to being strangled by the Chimera Anima elephant gave me a laugh. And so far, I think her transformation is the most fun and her attack animation also really fun. Her personality really matches well with a monkey and she’s even has the energy like one, so she’s just a lot of fun to watch. Her attack encasing the enemies in a transparent pudding, only for it to explode and create mini puddings is so ridiculous and funny so at least I’m having a good time when I watch her. Her little sideshow in the zoo was also pretty funny and it was a cute touch that even the monkeys were enjoying the show too. None of it makes sense and I love it. Now, I want to say that she’ll get more time to shine but it looks like next week we’re already moving on to our last Mew.

And I KNOW for a fact that the anime is really changing things up and rushing a bit, because I remember from the orignal anime (sort of) that Zakuro didn’t show up for a long time. I mean I am excited to really meet Zakuro and get to know her since 4kids only was able to dub half the show and I never got to see her actually join the group so this is exciting, but I am curious to see what this anime is going to do. Things are moving pretty quickly, and I guess we’re just not going to get a proper episode for Mint either huh? I sure hope that won’t be the case.


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  1. zztop

    Meanwhile, the Mew Mew magical boy spinoff sidesteps the food names issue at once by naming the male characters after various Tokyo districts. I recall the spinoff also has a few handsy moments where the antagonists try to get close with the female leads, only for the guys to barge in to save her, shoujo fantasy style…

    1. Berry

      I guess the mangaka just really likes those tropes. >_>

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