We continue with different POVs as our group continues to be separated from one another, and while we got a couple answers about a few things, we got a lot more questions and things to ponder about what could even be happening in this village.

Reg continues to be alone after leaving behind Faputa, but he finds himself in a pickle when he realizes he’s lost. And to make matters worse, he’s being chased by the large creature from the second episode. The monsters are in a frenzy but he gets unexpected help from Faputa’s companion, who turns out to be very similar to Reg. He calls himself an Interference Unit, a being that goes around to collect data and knowledge from the Abyss’ layers. There are supposed to be some in each layer that are supposed to stay in their own layer, and we learn that Reg in an anomaly in that sense. He is an Interference Unit, or at least a different type, but he’s able to move about in different layers and he doesn’t act like Faputa’s companion. While we learn what exactly Reg is, it still doesn’t get us anywhere as unfortunately the Unit doesn’t have any information to who their creator is and whatnot. So we’re back to square one, where Reg still needs to find the answers on his own. Though I have a feeling that Faputa has even more hints and answers, but considering how she was acting last time it’ll be tough to get anything out of her.

Back with Riko, she has a pleasant but short conversation with Wazukyan and we don’t see him for the rest of the episode. But interesting that he still acts the same as in the flashbacks, Vueko does as well. Belaf is the one that seems the most different and I’m curious to see how he ended up that way. Basically I’m just dying for the rest of the Three Sages flashbacks. After learning some of the language with the restaurant lady, she tells Riko to head to a certain part of the village where most villagers aren’t able to access from feeling sick. Riko heads down and we see that it’s actually Vueko’s domain and where the shadowy creatures of The Balancing live with her. Riko meets with Vueko and I thought their meeting was kind of cute. I always found Vueko to be pretty endearing and she still is even now, but I have to wonder why she says that she isn’t a good person. She says it was because she wasn’t in support of Iruburu, the village’s, founding but I know it has to be more than that. Faputa shows up there, and again I really think it’s the little tribal girl but then I’m not sure how she could have been connected to Reg. Anyway, I’m looking forward to when we get back to those flashbacks as so far that has been my favorite part of this season so far. Riko frees Vueko from her shackles as it appeared that she really was imprisoned there judging by her wording, so it’ll be interesting to see what’ll happen because of that. She mentions something called The Luring and it doesn’t sound like she’s in control of that so that’s a curious thing. Vueko stays behind while Riko confronts Belaf, and considering the last time we saw them they were on good terms this is probably has to do with Vueko calling herself a bad person. Still, I believe she’s going to confront Belaf herself and I think soon.

Riko is in an even worse position now. She finds a sleeping Nanachi next to Mitty and we learn why Mitty is here, and it’s confusing. Apparently Bondrewed paid the sixth layer a visit numerous times and carried Mitty along with him every time. Belaf wanting her and Bondrewd not wanting to sell her, they made a copy of her. So the real Mitty is indeed dead and this is just a copy of her and Belaf sacrificed half of his body for her. Now, how was Mitty copied? I have no idea the anime didn’t even bother explaining how they were able to do that. But upon seeing Mitty, Nanachi lunged herself at her to stop Belaf from feeding on her and apparently that was enough to sell herself to keep Mitty safe. I know that the village is able to see everyone’s deep desires and their true intentions, but just saying “Keep away from her!” I feel doesn’t necessarily mean that Nanachi wanted to throw everything away and just sell herself so she can be with Mitty. I call bull. Yeah maybe that’s what she felt on the inside, but she’s gone through so much with Riko and Reg that I find it hard to believe. So now wanting to save her friends, Riko wants to buy them but the negotiation comes to either giving up both of her eyes, or both legs, or half of her internal organs along with everything else she offered. It’s terrible and I hope Vueko comes in to try and talk him out of a deal like that. Man, the longer they stay in the village the worse it gets.


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