This was a decently cute episode. Nothing major happened when it comes to the plot…I think. But this was an episode for Lettuce as she strived to work hard and improve herself after she notices everyone around her have a passion or an endgoal. Realizing she’s sort of on the sidelines, Lettuce takes it upon herself to do everything and anything she can to help others and be more useful.

We had a fun setting on Ryou’s yacht because apparently he has one, where he’s throwing a get together to release the new desserts for Cafe Mew Mew and it’s a pretty fancy event. We meet Pudding’s siblings and they’re super adorable, and I thought it was cute that Lettuce sort of became another big sister to them, namely Huacha. The girls dress up in fancy dresses and Ichigo shares a nice dance with Ryou. But what’s this? Her heart is pumping and she thinks that she maybe likes him? I just realized that Ichigo sure has a lot of ships with three different guys. It’s pretty funny that she’s in the middle of all these romantic situations, but she did want more romance as a high schooler and she’s certainly getting it. This isn’t the first time Ichigo has had a doki moment with Ryou and I wonder how much more it’ll develop. It’s not like she knows him all that much so her infatuation is mainly on a surface level. Though…I can’t say her “love” for Aoyama is all that different. Ryou is just the handsome nice guy sometimes and I guess it’ll make any girl’s heart skip a beat, and that includes Lettuce now.

Throughout all this Lettuce is pushing herself and isn’t totally enjoying their little vacation. Ryou notices this and comes up to her, giving her a drink with a magic spell to help her out, though it’s just normal orange juice. This gives her the confidence she needs to believe in herself and save Huacha from the Chimera Anima. This was a fine episode for Lettuce, she did gain some confidence after she learned to not give up and put herself down. Ryou giving her that push was pretty sweet too, and that gave Lettuce develop a little crush on him it seems. Again, not sure if they’ll develop this into anything more since they’re teasing something with Ichigo too so it might get too messy. But I appreciate the moments when Ryou is just a nice guy looking after the girls, he seemed to genuinely worry about Lettuce.

I’m so happy that we were finally able to see Lettuce’s entire transformation sequence, and I thought it was quite pretty. It sure took awhile to see it, which I think is really weird when it comes to a magical girl show since it’s a big deal to see the sequence when the character is introduced. So pretty unorthodox so far. It also seems like Lettuce may have gotten a power up based on the little cube she touched underwater. It seems to be pretty significant based on Ryou’s reaction at the end so I wonder what it is. I don’t think I remember ever seeing something like this back when I was a kid so this is at least interesting. I wonder if each girl is going to get their own power up in their own way. Usually magical girls get their power ups together so this would be a cool change. But all in all, this was an okay episode. I’m not sure I feel any different towards Lettuce than I did before, I think she’s still more or less the same for me. I do like her and I like seeing her be happier and confident at least.

Not gonna lie, Pudding and her siblings kinda stole the show. I don’t know what it is about her, and I’m usually not into the hyper genki characters, but I just find Pudding to be so endearing. And the fact that she brought her siblings along and they were super cute too. I recall that her family is actually really poor so her bringing her siblings along on a trip like this with free food is sweet. Also her teasing with Tart was unusually cute as well, I feel like this is another ship I forgot about. Gotta love our monkey girl~


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