Here we are, building up to the grand finale and the grand battle between the Mew Mews and the three aliens. Not just Tokyo but the entire Earth is at stake and Ichigo is still missing, so the girls need to fend them off until Ichigo arrives. And what’s worse, the aliens have a shard of Mew Aqua.

So this was an okay episode. Mint is still having issues with her indecisiveness and the school offer looming over her, the girls are trying their best to fight and protect the people around them, and Ichigo went back to being a cat. I’ll be honest, the cat shenanigans can kind of be entertaining but it’s mainly been pointless. Especially now knowing that a kiss can possibly trigger her turning into a cat, and definitely back into a human, it looks like it’ll mainly serve for more romantic madness. ESPECIALLY since we saw it was obviously Ryou as the other talking cat that saved Ichigo. And…well I mean he shows up in the ending as a cat so it was a matter of time until they showed it. Considering that Ichigo turned into a cat just from having Aoyama put his coat on her and get real close to him, I don’t doubt that a kiss would trigger it. So this causes another wrench into Ichigo’s romance with Aoyama, in the sense that her secret for sure would get out if they ever kiss. Ichigo will probably realize this later on, and it might really lead to her backing off. The finale preview seems to indicate that so I’m expecting a bittersweet ending.

The animation wasn’t anything to write home about and the fights were fine. The main thing from this episode for me was finally knowing why the aliens are here in the first place. And I’m glad we got that reason really soon because this means we can get more development for these guys because they’ve been very static. I find it interesting that their situation also fits in with the environmentalist/conservationist theme, where their home planet is a harsh and polluted wasteland where the residents had to be forced to live underground. It’s a terrible existence of nothing but coldness and darkness, so Kish and the others set out across the galaxy and found Earth to be a suitable planet to create a new home for them. Ironic, that they want to make Earth a wasteland so they can make their home. This reason does paint them in a slightly more sympathetic light, though of course not completely since they’re ready to murder everyone and ruin their lives for their own sake. Also Kish is still gross. Tart entertains me, only because they’re seriously making a budding romance with Pudding and Tart with him blushing at her nickname for him. It’s kinda adorable not going to lie.

Again this episode was fine. This was the build up to next episode where we’ll have a big fight now that Ichigo is here. I think after hearing Zakuro’s words, Mint will easily make her decision. And of course, the romantic drama with Ichigo and Aoyama. Of course with a serious fight where the people and the world are at stake, it’s going to mess up Ichigo and Aoyama’s date and she won’t be able to make it. Their relationship is most likely going to take a big hit.


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