After last episode, I’m glad that we had a bit of a reprieve with a seemingly filler-ish feeling one this week. Though I’m sure in the grand scheme of things, it probably is laying the groundwork for something. It was also nice to just be able to feel at ease and just enjoy what was going on without feeling anxious about something lol. Overall, it didn’t feel like too much happened this episode. It had me laughing at times, but overall I feel like it didn’t really do that much besides a few hints of what is going to happen.

Here I thought they were just repeating the same “psychic” spiel as they did in the previous episode. But then when it panned out differently, I had to do a double take. You really had me going there, Mob lol. We get an introduction to “Yokai Hunters” which I’m still kind of confused by since espers obviously exist. Are Yokai Hunters just regular people without powers who take on spirits and just refer to them as Yokai or are there actually differences between Yokai and evil spirits? It did feel a bit weird to introduce that now so far into the series, especially when it felt like it didn’t amount to much in the end. It just opened up more questions. Maybe they’ll explain it more later, but to me it felt a bit strange to have this whole subplot about the Demon King or something like that.

Though to be honest, this episode did feel very reminiscent of One Punch Man in that sense. I know they’re both written by the same person, but Mob has always felt very different from how OPM is done. A king of some sort shows up, announces they will rule or destroy the world, only for OP protag to destroy them in one strike felt a lot more like OPM rather than typical Mob. Especially since Serizawa is there now, the team is VERY overpowered currently. So I feel like there’s hardly any stakes when those two are on the scene. They definitely handled the Demon King and his forces without any difficulty or trouble. Both of them not even phased by it all lol.

I think the funniest part of this whole thing was that Mob wasn’t even really thinking about what was happening in the moment and was caught up in figuring out what to do about the costumes for his Culture Festival. And while it felt like a side thing that was happening, I feel like it was still a step for Mob as he was able to figure out the problem on his own and even was able to grab inspiration from what was going on around him. Something I don’t think we’ve seen him do yet. I think it also shows that he’s starting to develop being able to think on his own and not always rely on Reigen for help. It’s good to get help when you need it, but I also think it’s equally important to be able to sort through things on your own from time to time. Not to mention it was so cute how proud he was of going through with his idea in the end along with the others in the group. While it created average results, he was proud with how much effort he put in and didn’t just settle for what was easier. Which actually goes hand in hand with what happened in the previous episode.

I did crack up really hard when Mob wasn’t able to convey what he wanted to do at first though XDDD.

Thinking about it, I feel like Mob is trying to set us up into a false sense of security especially when it comes to Serizawa and Mob. Mob has always been the net to catch us when we fall and with the addition of Serizawa, it feels like the two can handle anything if they combine their powers. Which is why when the whole fighting of the Demon King thing happened, I hardly felt worried because I was SURE they would handle it. Considering how this series has played out so far, I feel like they’re going to rip the rug out from underneath us and both Serizawa and Mob are going to be incapacitated in some form or another in the next episode or so. Because everything feels WAY too comfortable right now. Whatever Dimple and the giant broccoli has in store, the stakes are going to spike, I just know it.

This episode didn’t feel particularly important, but it was probably subtly inserting important details that will be more important later on. Though it did portray a good starting point for Mob pushing himself past his comfort zone and actually accomplishing something he was proud of. Not to mention actually figuring it out all on his own. Something that he’s been struggling with through out the seasons. So I’m glad that he was able to take what he learned from the previous episode and put it to use in this one. I’m definitely anticipating crap to hit the fan soon, especially with how foreboding the broccoli and Dimple have been. Got some fun laughs out of this episode and it was cute seeing all the different characters come to the Culture Festival.

Also poor Ritsu having to put up with what his class ended up doing XD. Boy was definitely NOT happy lololol.


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