This wraps up the dog arc and not gonna lie, I felt like it wrapped up a bit too fast and abrupt. Like we don’t even get the satisfaction of watching Keith get arrested for everything he did. After everything he and his gang of ignorant children have done, it feels kind of cheap to just apprehend them off screen. I know it’s like that in the manga as well, but it doesn’t make it any less unsatisfying in that regard. I guess the main focus was supposed to be Anya and the dog, but still. The dog arc felt so strong in the midst of it and kind of ended a bit anticlimactically. Though I still had good laughs through out the episode.

I’m a bit disappointed with how they animated (or lack there of) of Yor kicking the freaking car into a street pole. The way they animated it, it looked like she missed or something, but in the manga, it is VERY clear she kicked it. Guess they were just unable to animate the CG car in the way it was portrayed in the manga. Which just further validates my feelings on the manga compared to the anime.

I think one of the big highlights in this episode for me was the characterization of Handler. There is no question that she has gone through A LOT and has also seen A LOT considering how she described what war does to people in the previous episode. Which definitely begs the question of whether or not she actually witnessed everything she talked about. When Anya started crying over keeping the dog instead of giving him over, we see a bit of warmness we haven’t seen from her before as she allows Anya to keep the dog. This was the first time we’ve seen her act with so much warmth and motherly energy. And when she said that she used to have a child her age… it just felt like there was so much behind that statement and just made me really sad for her. Just from her dialogue, you can tell just how much she’s lost and despite her cold exterior, she genuinely wants to create a more peaceful world. She’s very similar to Twilight in that regard, though she definitely has more experience being a parent than him since she had a child of her own at one point. It definitely makes her a very intriguing character and I do hope we get to see more of her in the future.

But of course, the entire family had a part in catching the terrorists. Though it was pretty hilarious how all of them believed it was because of them specifically that they saved the day even though it was very much a team effort… though none of them realize it lol. Anya with having saved Twilight from a bomb, Yor having incapacitated a couple of the terrorists, mainly Keith and Twilight literally doing everything else. All of them had a role in this and it’s always really sweet to see just how perfect this little family unit truly is. And now with Mr. Dog, who had also saved Anya on several occasions, is welcomed as a new member of the family.

We knew that these dogs were experimented on, but actually seeing glimpses of what he had to go through personally was really sad to see. Basically the same vibes as what happened in Vanitas with the whole don’t care if they die because their body can’t take it and just having to endure torturous experiments. It’s a relief that Mr. Dog finally found a home where he will be treated with love and affection. Something he probably deserves from all the suffering he had endured thus far.

And with the terrorist attack thankfully avoided, it’s back to school with Anya. Due to them trying to keep quiet about the terrorist attack, Anya wouldn’t be able to acquire a star despite her efforts. So instead she tries her hand at the friendship play with Damian again using her new dog as leverage. When Anya tested the talk about a new dog with Becky and immediately ran away despite Becky still talking to her I was like: HEY. I know she’s on a mission… BUT DON’T JUST IGNORE YOUR FRIEND LIKE THAT. And as if justice came down on her, Damian didn’t seem to even care about her getting a dog. But man, the face Anya made just cannot compare to how it was done in the manga… the image took up an entire freaking page and it is glorious. It is interesting on Damian’s part that there are times where he doesn’t even intend to be mean, it just comes out that way and it’s nice that he actually tried to initiate a conversation with Anya over the dog… Only for him to be so unimpressed with the fact that she hadn’t even named it yet. Unfortunate lol. Also, does acorn kid have a crush on Anya as well? I see him blush along with Damian A LOT XD.

Another part that caught my interest all the while making me sad was when Loid talks about how once the mission is done, he’s never going to see this family ever again. On one hand, because he’s a spy, he can’t afford to make long lasting relationships. But then on the other hand, if he leaves, there’s literally no place where Anya and Yor can feel like they truly belong. Not to mention, I can just imagine the heartbreak and broken trust they would have to go through even if the agency did find them new homes afterwards. Seeing him and Yor in the background with her in the light and him in the shadows… it felt so foreboding and boy was I right. The alternate future that Mr Dog saw before Anya was able to change it probably would be the outcome if Loid left whether it be him dying or just leaving them. Yor looked like she would cut herself off from being close to anyone and Anya just looked absolutely broken. Hopefully that will never come to pass, especially since Loid is definitely getting more attached to them than he lets on or even realizes.

On a happier note, after a run in with a dog that stole her gloves, Anya finally figures out Mr. Dog’s name. And from this point on, he is now Bond. While his name is derived from Bondman, I feel like the fact that he is named “Bond” could also have a deeper meaning. Considering what I just talked about, his name could be representative of what this fake family has created with one another. Something that can’t easily be broken… Hopefully.

Overall, this episode was alright. Kind of disappointed in a few things, but still had some good laughs from Anya and Yor. Some nice subtle character storytelling and things to think about for the possible future of this family. I honestly expected this arc to be a little longer, but I guess this works. I definitely should give this arc a serious read in the manga now since I skimmed it the first time…


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