While the character arcs continues for Kokone and Ran, more crumbs about Ginger are being dropped…

Episode 35

We’re finally seeing some positive growth in the relationship between Kokone and her parents. It’s really great to  see them doing what they can to spend some quality time with her. And now, Kokone found herself in a situation where she has the opportunity to move to Isuki Island (the one Princess doppelganger Yui rules over) with her parents for work, or stay in Oishi-Na town with her friends. Understandably she was quite torn about the whole thing, but what’s great is that Kokone has learned that it’s important to communicate her honest feelings to her parents of how she both wants to be with them to help them with the dish creation, but at the same time,  also she doesn’t want to be separated from her friends. Thanks to that, they were able to work on finding a new solution that would achieve both, where her dad stays home with her while her mother is at the island, and they work together on their ideas via video call. It’s a good compromise, especially since Kokone had been all on her own for the longest time, so it’s really nice to see her family was able to successfully mend the rift that had formed between them.

And finally, the Ginger Crumb we got this episode was: When the Recipe-Bon had been stolen, Fennel pointed out that Ginger had secretly went to Oishi-Na Town. But what made it weird was that even though Ginger had supposedly found the Recipe-Bon right away, he didn’t imeaditely return to CooKingdom. Meanwhile, Cinnamon was exiled as (the supposed) criminal. Whether Ginger had met up with Cinnamon or not is something that is yet to be determined. But truthfully, the more we heard about their Master, the more suspicious it seems to get. Not to mention, with the whole subtle cat theme going on with Bundoru Gang’s headquarters, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out Ginger is actually the big bad after-all. Though I am a bit suspicious of Fennel too…
Trust no one!

Episode 36

This week two major foodie influencers visit Oishi-Na Town, and Ran’s family resturant finds itself in the spotlight. With her father to nervous to do his part, Ran found herself having to step in— though much to her dismay, she couldn’t do much better due to having her own nervous breakdown. But thanks to watching Ms. Tatemotte and receiving some encouragement, she was able to give it a go again. This was a big step forward for Ran who has always been extremely self-conscious about the way she goes on about food. As Ms. Tatemotte says, she has such a distinct way of doing it, that it helps set her apart (though describing her as eccentric might’ve not been the best word, as it did initially make Ran think she was being criticized at first. Thankfully that got cleared up right away.) This event will give Ran nice boost of confidence to pursue her dream of pursuing a career as a Gourmet Influencer.

Once that was all settle, Mari reveals a lead on Ginger he had found. When Mari showed the pouch to everyone, Mem-Mem and Pam-Pam were both affected, drawing a memory that they cannot for the life of them remember. It was then suggested perhaps this meant their master had wiped their memories on purpose, supposedly to hide something that they had been making.

The only thing they do know is that Mem-Mem, Pam-Pam and Kome-Kome the First had all come to this town with Ginger. But now it begs the question, what ever happened to Kome-Kome the First? I don’t believe they ever really explained to us what became of Kome-Kome the First either. We only know that she was very powerful, and considering the special nature of Kome-Kome’s powers, it’s possible that she played an instrumental role in whatever Ginger had been doing in Oishi-Na Town twenty years ago.

The other major thing to keep in mind, is that Ginger is said to be the one to have made the Delioustones. So it’s possible that they have been making something of the sorts. But for whatever reason, the memory of it has been erased or at least blocked in attempt to bury the truth. And that only thickens the mystery of whatever the heck Ginger was doing in Oishi-Na Town twenty years ago.

Apart from that, there has been some quietly subtle pointers that indicates that more and more businesses in town have shut their doors. Earlier in episode 35, Godatz had asked Secretoru how “that” plan was coming along, and later in this episode (36) we seen her smirking while looking at the shut doors. So there must be something bigger going on than we realize, perhaps like a slow-working poison that only will be noticed at the very last minute.

But you know what actually crossed my mind when I was looking back at that scene? What if the shops that are disappearing are actually being taken to Bundoru Gang’s “kingdom”. We can see a city like tower and a purple cat peeking over, along with a curious state of prisms floating around the island– which you have to wonder, what are those supposed to be anyways?  Definitely something to keep in mind as we go forward!

Next time, Narcistoru is making a comeback. It appears he has been either released or set free by Secretoru, which would be no surprise given how easily she was able to slip into CooKingdom Palace unchecked. With his return, I suppose this should mean a wrap for Amane’s character arc now that she will hopefully get the full closure she needs, as well as a possible kick-off to what’s about to come.


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