What the hell was this episode? So many important things were “said” to have happened OFF-SCREEN to the point that I wanted to throw my hands up in the air in exasperation. Frankly it made me think as though I had missed some episodes or something, because I was left flabbergasted with how many times they dumped things like, ‘GUESS WHAT? AMANE’S PARENTS WHO YOU NEVER MET UNTIL NOW KNOWS GINGER!’ and then suddenly only now, ‘Bundoru Gang is worried about Narcistoru leaking their secrets so they gotta silence him!’ and if that wasn’t bad enough apparently, Narcistoru isn’t picky enough of an eater to refuse a candied-apple! Oh and of course, they never bothered to explain why this was his first time tasting something “yummy” and how it blows his mind– seriously, What the @#*!?! Are you kidding me right now? What a load of bullshit!

The way they handled Narcistoru’s resolution was an absolute joke. I absolutely hate that we saw NONE OF THIS BUILD UP! NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I expected Narcistoru to be purely EVIL or anything, I just feel like they totally forced this “sweet resolution” between him and Amane so that it’s done and over-with. Amane gets her closure, and Narcistoru decides that he’ll reflect in CooKingdom, claiming he’d be safer in CooKingdom’s prison (the very one he escaped from thanks to Bundoru Gang’s attempt to abduct him back) than roaming about. It just leaves me feeling so frustrated because this turn around of his personality just feels so abrupt. It’s like he suddenly decided to let go of all of that grudge he was holding onto, with no further explanation for it. Worst of all, they never properly followed up with that flashback of his, which I had expected to see when the candied-apple was offered to him. But no, suddenly we see his soft side? What??????? There are so many loose ends! How did he become this way? Why was he greyed out at the table while everyone else was enjoying the meal and looked so lonely and then angry when he left? There was no proper follow up to that! Arg, this is so infuriating. I absolutely hate it when this kind of thing happens. For the love of god, instead of telling us he’s a picky eater, just show us it would you!? They absolutely could have given us some scenes of the interrogations attempts of trying to get Narcistoru to share information on Bundoru Gang, as well as the fact he refused to eat what they were giving him. But no, they simply tacked it on without any further explanation.

And this sucks because had they handled this better, becauseI really liked that Amane had the opportunity to see Narcistoru in a different light, didn’t give into his provocations (which worked, as it made her boring to him), and the fact she was able to get closure in a way of being able to up-hold her form of justice by protecting him from Secretoru. But it’s a darn shame that they rushed it the way they did because, I think this resolution would have felt a lot more rewarding if they actually gave us a proper build up to the version of Narcistoru we saw today by showing us his side of the story!

This episode really frustrated me, so that’s all I really got to say this week. Ugh, I am so glad we’re diving back into the core-plot next week, but I seriously hope the writing quality isn’t going to tank like it did in this episode.

Next time, it looks like they will be using Kome-Kome’s power to travel back 20 years into the past in attempt to find out more about Ginger and whatever secret he is hiding. While doing so Yui will be having a reunion with her grandmother, which I’m excited for because god–I hope this means Yui is finally going to start her character arc! It’s freaking long overdue! I’m sick of her being stuck on the sidelines. I sure hope this also means Takumi will finally get more deeply involved too, which he should given the mysterious circumstances surrounding Ginger and the story of Cinnamon’s exile. This does make me wonder, if they are traveling back into the past– then perhaps that means it’s up to Takumi to fight on their behalf in the present? That would actually be fun to see, though I wonder how well he would hold up on his own.


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  1. DaRiUs

    Yeah, I don’t think Takumi will be going with them. From the preview, it looked like he was holding off the motw and stalling for time until the girls came back. That actually would be a great opportunity for him to create his very own delicious field or maybe the girls will find out his true identity but knowing how the writing in this season has progressed, probably not, lol.

    But tbh, I’m more interested in the preview for next week because even though it was short, 2 BIG things were almost instantly revealed by simply watching it and I can’t wait for it all to drop next week, lol

    1. Eva

      IKR. Freaking finally, we’re back to the main plot. Man that felt like an eternity.

  2. il-Palazzo

    When Narcistoru said his body won’t accept such things, I thought we would finally be shown that he has some serious eating disorder of sort. Maybe forcing him to eat would make him violently vomit or something but nope. That’s it. It’s so infuriating.

    1. Eva

      Yeah, with the way he would describe food, I’ve speculated that he might have some sort of eating disorder as well. I don’t know what the heck they were thinking. Either they scrapped that idea at the last minute, or— I just don’t know. It’s as you say, absolutely infuriating. =____=

  3. elior

    i just seeen the threadmark for the next season which will be the 20 aniversary season and i have to say it intresting since there is sky in the name so it can be angel cures or bird theme

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