HELP MY EMOTIONS TAT. I was not expecting this episode to come out swinging with the emotions, but boy… that hit hard. Mob can certainly be an emotional show, but they always hit you when you least expect it. And boy did I not expect to be hit with Dimple feels considering what he’s done these past few episodes. It was pretty obvious that Dimple still cared about Mob. Considering he stopped his attack to comment about how terrible his shirt is, it pretty much confirms he still views Mob in an affectionate light.

I honestly didn’t know what Mob had planned when he went 100. The last thing I expected was for him to throw away his powers temporarily so that he could actually talk with Dimple without the intimidation factor. And man, when Mob went up to him and said that he trusted him with 100%, that hit me in the heart. Especially when Mob recognizes that he wasn’t been sensitive about Dimple’s feelings and was only focusing on himself at the time. Despite all that, Dimple still wanted to carry out his plans with Mob instead of getting rid of him. And then they hit me in the feels when he reached out a hand to Dimple and thanks him for trusting in him, just as he does right now.

It’s interesting how both Mob and Dimple got carried away with things they believed they wanted, essentially paralleling each other. However, when both acquired those things, it ended up not feeling as fulfilling as they thought. In Dimple’s case, his want to be god stemmed from a place of wanting to be noticed. He wanted to be seen, to be useful, to be appreciated. Something I think a lot of people can relate to. They want their existence to matter and be able to leave a mark on the world that shows that they were there. But after meeting Mob, Dimple felt as if he was losing his sense of being.. or at least that’s what he thought. In the end, Mob gave Dimple exactly what he truly wanted and needed, a friend. I love the artistic choice of having the shine on Dimple’s face resemble tears after Mob said he’d hear him out because he’s his friend. This exchange reminded me of so many things from FMA:Brotherhood. With one of the characters believing they wanted to rule the world, only to realize they really wanted friends in the end. And then again with the shine on the face to resemble crying.

While I did feel like Dimple’s turnaround felt really fast, it still felt extremely sweet. Especially with how Dimple’s expression and words resembled that of Reigen’s back in season 2 where he said he had grown so much. It is interesting how both of them were moved by Mob in different ways and their different senses of longing were filled by being friends with him. It just goes to show how much of an impact Mob has on so many characters’ lives without even realizing it and by just being himself. My heart… IT’S MELTING T^T. The whole part with Dimple and Mob taking each others’ hand and then Dimple giving him a piggyback ride when Mob was exhausted was just precious.

But of course, all of this was wrapped up way too quickly to be the end of things. And just as it was foreshadowed, the Divine Tree ended up gaining a will of its own due to the powerful belief in it from the masses. And if the Psycho Helmet puppet thing wasn’t already creepy, it got 100x creepier with how it moved and wanted Mob for sustenance. UGH, they’re so gross to look at DX.

Dimple went above and beyond to fight off the Psycho Helmets in a spectacular show of animation from the BONES team. Despite being in his god mode, he still ended up struggling as Psycho Helmets numbers proved to be a difficult opponent. Especially when they would just keep multiplying and draining his energy. He was literally putting everything he had to fight off the Psycho Helmets to protect Mob. And through out this amazingly animated fight, I couldn’t help but think that this was Dimple’s atonement. After all the trouble he caused, it felt like this was the series’ way of making him take responsibility for what happened. And it was honestly hard to watch him get so beat up and just fight through a mass of disgusting broccoli creatures.

Though the thing that got me was when Dimple ended up using his brainwashing on a weakened Mob to get up and walk home on his own. But what made me nearly start crying was when he made it look to Mob that he was alright and assumed the form that Mob was most comfortable with, all to cover up just how badly broken and hurt he was. That absolutely broke my heart to see just how much Dimple cared about Mob and didn’t want to get him any more involved with this mess than he already was. He knew if Mob actually saw the state he was in, he wouldn’t leave him and try to help him even in his powerless state. And the wave they gave each other… UGH MY HEART. I nearly broke down when Mob walked away blissfully unaware as we hear Dimple fighting in the background. The impact of that scene in how it was structured with all the different camera angles and just the sounds of Dimple fighting… it was just heartbreakingly beautiful.

With what was left of his power, Dimple was somehow able to defeat the Psycho Helmets and even uproot the Divine Tree and seemingly send it to space where it can’t cause any more damage. We don’t know at this point whether or not Dimple made it, but they definitely made it seem like this was his farewell. Even going as far as to stab us in the heart more with Mob crying over sensing the loss of his friend, even if he doesn’t fully remember everything that happened. And I got so emotional when he reaffirms that Dimple was his friend. We hardly see Mob get emotional and cry and not trigger his 100% so I feel like this scene hit harder because of that. This was just purely a boy mourning the loss of a dear friend… I legit feel like I’m gonna cry writing that.

Wow, that legit made me emotional. There’s so much I want to say about this episode but just can’t find the right words to properly portray how much this episode got to me. I didn’t expect this to be as emotional as it was and that’s what makes it so powerful. Especially when it didn’t end up with Mob and Dimple beating the crap out of each other. Instead, Mob chose to throw his powers away for the moment so the two could hear each other out without the threat of exploding into overpowering violence. Mob and Dimple’s relationship have come so far despite their terrible first encounter. However, because of their bond, Dimple went above and beyond to protect him and even willing to sacrifice his life for him. If that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is. I’m not fully convinced Dimple is gone since we’ve seen this guy barely scrape by doom SO many times. And while this may episode seemed like a send off for him, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up again next episode lol. Would it feel cheap after it built up so much emotion? A little. But I also want to see his and Mob’s bond after all of this as well T^T. I can’t even imagine what the rest of this series has in store since this is ONLY the halfway point through this season.


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