I am not going to lie, I was losing my mind with how Yui would not stop going on about grandma said this, grandma said that! Of course there was actually a point to be made with this insanity— but here’s the problem: they put this off until the 39th episode to do this. And to make matters worse, Yui got absolutely nothing else going for her. The fact her entire world basically revolves around her grandmother and the default plug-ins of “Deliousmile!” is honestly so frustrating to watch. This week, they “resolved”, (and I mean it in heavy sarcasm) Yui’s virtually non-existent character arc of coming to the realization that it’s more powerful to come up with her own sayings shaped from her own experiences, than to spam message her grandmother’s wisdom. While there are certainly some merits in Yone’s words, you could say it just doesn’t carry the same weight when the words were not directed to that person specifically. And I can’t say I’m surprised at this point, but god damn it, I think we can all agree that they did Yui dirty, because she deserves so much better! They made her character is so flat, I’d have to liken it to crepe because there’s hardly any substance to it. They didn’t even give her the luxury of a generous filling. In fact, you could say it’s rather ironic how they made it so that she was so freaking hungry over her plight of why her grandmother’s words weren’t helping everyone as much as she had thought they would. GEE, GO FIGURE!

And I find it I find it terribly sad and almost ridiculous how only now they reminded us how Yui she was known as that girl who would go around helping other clubs and so on such. But the moment she became a precure, all of that was forgotten, and it wasn’t brought up again until today. I suppose it’s still something they could focus on going forward by making Yui perhaps a bit too obsessed with trying to forge her own wisdom, like how she wanted to hear Secretoru out. I somehow doubt we’ll actually see that in proper depth, though if we do, well I suppose I’ll take that as small win in trying to flesh her out so she could learn from her mistakes a bit more. Nevertheless, this was something they could have potentially tapped into much earlier on.

That said, we still got some time left, but at this point, a lot of it needs to be focused on Takumi and Cinnamon. Takumi has also been sidelined for far too long, to an infuriating degree and at long last, next week their arc reveal is finally starting. I want to be hopeful for them to do this one right, but with the way things has been going, it’s hard to feel optimistic about it.

Nonetheless, apart from my gripes with this episode and skepticism going forward, I am looking forward to seeing Cinnamon’s backstory and hopefully Takumi will finally have his chance to shine, because god damn it, if they can’t do Yui’s character justice, for the love of god, at least do Takumi’s character right!

Finally, they suddenly dropped us a bit of flashbacks of both of Fennel and Secretoru respectively.

For Fennel, I thought he was acting a tad suspicious today. I mean I had always thought the dude was sus from the start, so when he fell quiet after Mari mentioned traveling to the past and having met Ginger, and asked him about the precise location of the Hoka-Hoka Accumulator, it made me go ‘Hmmmmmmm….’, (and frankly, Mari ought to keep his mouth shut about that since Ginger went through such lengths to keep it a secret). But on the other-hand, it’s abundantly clear that he thinks fondly of Ginger, so it does make me wonder, if he is a double-agent in the Kingdom, I wonder what his motives be if he were to have had a role in the event which Cinnamon had been framed. The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is potentially jealousy, as Cinnamon as we know know, has talents to restore the Delioustones, making him if anything, a star pupil. After-all, Fennel has never wanted to take part in discussing anything about Cinnamon for that matter.

However before his scene ended, Cerfeuil did make an announcement of an concerning report, which may regard to whatever the Bundoru Gang have been quietly brewing under everyone’s noses all this time.

As for Secretoru’s flashback, it addressed her obsession with perfectionism. We saw how she was in a pretty miserable state with cooking, and seeing the eggs recepeppi really triggered that ‘unpleasant’ memory of hers. We’ve seen her bitch and moan about people’s efforts of recreating dishes and how it’d be better to be left to professionals for the best taste, but this was the first time we really seen her get annoyed like this, especially with Yui’s point how her words ’embodies the life she has lived’.

With Cinnamon’s arc finally starting next week. Let’s just hope this arc can somewhat salvage the series by leading us to a satisfactory end.


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