Looks like this series is not in a hurry to delve into action and decide to focus more on getting to know the main characters. I’m okay for now because getting to know the characters’ personalities is important, I just hope they won’t drag this for too long because the series only consists of 12 or 13 episodes from what I heard.

If the previous episode is all about Lavi and Talion, this episode is about Lavi and Iseria. What’s more, in this episode, they actually visited Ymir. Trails of Cold Steel fans would know that Ymir is Rean’s hometown and one of the places that the player visited in the game. It is solely for this reason that Lavi and her team visited Ymir, hoping to learn more about the Empire’s hero because they haven’t learned any useful information about the said hero to the point they start believing he might as well be a mere legend.

When they came, the first thing I thought this would be one of those episodes where the characters would enjoy the hot springs. Unfortunately for our main characters, or to be precise, Iseria who had been looking forward to enjoy a nice hot bath, the whole water got frozen over. The townspeople believed something happened to the wellspring up in the mountains, but no one dare to approach it due to the monsters.

Marty didn’t miss this opportunity to make a good deal by offering to solve the problem in exchange for being treated a full-suit package for the inn they’re staying. Iseria is more than eager to go to the mountains herself if it means she can enjoy the hot spring. It turns out that she’s not the only one, Talion is actually thinking of digging up his own hot spring (which ended up in failure). lol

After a not so good impression I have for Iseria, I think I’m starting to like her in this episode. Maybe she can be perceived as being bossy with her telling Lavi to do the work as she’s the one more experienced and more prepared, but she does it in a way that makes her looks more silly than annoying. Also, Iseria’s more talkative and light-hearted disposition that is a total opposite of Lavi may actually a good thing, her dragging Lavi to this quest is equal to me of Iseria making the initiative to get Lavi to socialize more, and thus, the two girls started their bonding time while taking a nice bath.

However, this episode still gave us more progression on the villain side. It’s revealed that not only Jayna, Rogan and Glark are actually also involved with Campanella, with Glark seems to be the one pulling the strings. They have a secret Archaism factory back in North Ambria all along, no doubt awaiting for the big battle that would soon to come.

Last but not the least…the cameos! Oh, how I love seeing so many character cameos in this episode! Ash, Bleublanc, Sharon, Alisa! I miss them! XD

Overall, this is another good episode that showed Lavi bonding with her teammates beyond just professional relationship. The end of the episode also balanced the light-hearted majority in the episode, reminding us that the villains are not resting in formulating their scheme.


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