This week’s episode was another one of those where I couldn’t stop smiling to the point my cheeks hurts. Sora and Mashiro are just so freaking wholesome! I already love these two so much! They have such great chemistry. It was so funny how Sora freaking thought Mashiro was a princess due to how stunning her home was, and how she vowed to become her knight (Mashiro asked her to be friends instead, which she accepted). And Mashiro was equally as adorable with the way she panics and tries to explain things, but at the same time she’s very down to earth, and knows better when to get Sora out of situations that would otherwise draw further unwanted attention. Heck, and this is was absolutely hilarious and by far the most realistic response to my memory: After having transformed into a precure and fourth, naturally Sora has drawn of crowd of onlookers, and the next thing you know– you hear freaking sirens approaching in the distance! Oh my god! How would you explain that to the first responders?! That moment had me laughing so hard!

It was also so sweet of Mashiro to buy Sora a new notebook as a gift after her beloved original was torn to shreds by the pig. The gift will undoubtedly become a precious souvenir of her time in this world, as well as a reminder of her journey. Something filled with memories sh Sora will be able to fondly look back on once she has to inevitably return to her homeland.

And then we were introduced to Mashiro’s grandmother, who certainly came off as a mysterious individual who definitely knew more than she’s letting on from the get go. I mean who the heck carries baby formula and diapers in their house when there’s no baby around? Also why does she need dried frog? She is a witch?! But much to my surprise, they straight up revealed that she knows that Ellee is the Princess of Sky Kingdom, she owns a magic mirror that allows her to see wherever the girls are at, and finally, her musing of how it’s the “Beginning of a Story”. And I’m not gonna lie, that’s actually giving me Princess Tutu vibes, and I’m 100% here for it because that’s my all time favourite magical girl show. Anyways, what I love about playing with the Story Theme is that there are just so many ways to go about it, and I’m very curious to see how they plan to go about it, and whether there’s an writer who will influence how their adventure will go!

We also got to learn a bit more about Sora, starting with the fact she is used to dealing with babies because she actually has a young brother around Ellee’s age back at home. They also shared the backstory of how Sora was inspired to become a Hero in the first place, which was when she was little, she had gotten lost in the Forbidden Forest (though why she was there in the first place has yet to be explained, if ever that is), whatever was in it almost got her, and she was saved by a real hero just on the nick of time. Thanks to her, she is still alive and well today.

Other than that, not too much happened this week, so there isn’t much more to say, which was expected. But I really liked that they manged to keep things interesting by dropping some unexpected reveals, such as the grandmother’s knowings without actually explaining how and why she knows all of these things to begin with. Needless to say, it’s likely that she knew about Sora’s and Princess Ellee’s arrival thanks to her mirror, unless it so happens that their adventures start appearing in books. And if it’s that… oh boy, haha, that’s where things would get interesting now wouldn’t it?

02.18.23 Notice: Ep 3 entry will be released as a double post next week with Ep 4 since there’s not really enough to talk about (apart from Granny really LMAO).


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  1. J. Yu

    Ah, yes. A hero’s greatest enemy: law enforcement! It was funny seeing Precure acknowledge that they exist after so long, even if they’re probably not going to be brought up again.

    That grandma definitely knows too much to be just any regular old human. At first, she reminded me of Mirai’s grandma from Maho Girls, who also believed in magic but was ultimately still normal, but her knowing Ellee by name and commenting on why she decided to choose Sora complicates things.

  2. elior

    i like this episode fight. the dynamic was great with sora combination of punches and kicks

  3. Wanderer

    Anyone want to bet that Sora’s childhood saviour will be relevant to the larger story? I’m thinking yes.

    Grandma who knows things she shouldn’t… not a first for Precure, but definitely not usual.

    I do like Sora’s fish out of water experience. Hopefully it will continue for a while and not just be a one-episode gag.

    In other news, baby Elle sleeping through the night is the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever seen in any anime ever. 😉

    Looking forward to more of this series.

    1. Eva

      Oh absolutely, I’m sure we’ll learn more about them in due time. There’s a good chance that Grandma knows them too.

      LMFAOOOO I legit though the same thing about Elle! “Damn she slept like an angel!”

  4. Eva

    Notice: Ep 3 entry will be released as a double post next week with Ep 4 since there’s not really enough to talk about (apart from Granny really LMAO).

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