Episode 3

Not much happened in episode 3, so it’s going to be short and sweet.

I must confess I was kind of taken aback by how abruptly they decided to have Mashiro’s Grandma (Mrs. Yoyo) come out clean about actually being a Skylandian. Makes sense though. It’s better not to pointlessly drag it out when they weren’t being the least subtle about it. I mean, she was freakishly prepared for baby Ellee and owning a magic mirror that certainly did NOT belong in this world that she was from Skyland. And as it turns out, she is actually a famous scholar who had come to this world about 50 years ago to pursue her research (so probably sometimes between her 20ies and 30ies), before ultimately settling down and having a family of her own.

And damn, that’s a lot for Mashiro to take in. To be suddenly told she has Skyland Blood flowing in her veins… That’s one hell of a bomb drop. Her confusion and bewilderment was certainly an understatement, “THESE THINGS DON’T EXIST, WHO ARE YOU GRANNY?!”.

Interestingly both world seem to share a material (Sky Jewels) that is needed to charge the magic mirror so that they are able to communicate with those in Skyland, as well for the purpose of helping Sora and Princess Ellee return to their homeland. But the event itself was… well, it was fine for what it is, I’ll leave it at that haha. I’m not the targeted demographic after all, kids will enjoy that kind of simplistic adventure enough…. Though did make me a bit nostalgic, so I did manage to enjoy it to some extent!

But I gotta say, Sora breaking a rock just goes to show how stupidly strong this girl actually is. At first I actually had thought this was going to end badly for her, so I’m glad that she didn’t hurt herself in the end had she overestimated her abilities. Though I have to laugh a the fact they quite literally shrugged off finding a fossil like it wasn’t special! The poisonous mushroom bit was pretty funny though– Mashiro was like “NO! NOT THAT” when Sora almost handed it over to Ellee. She almost unintentionally turned into a villain right then there! (I’m kidding of course.)

Finally, looks like they are doing a countdown of the anniversary in the ED Theme with each of the heroines from the series. Yui from Delicious Party Precure being the previous protagonist is the first to kick it off.

Episode 4

Yay~ Mashiro has become Cure Prism! And oh my gosh she’s so lovely! I absolutely love the simplicity of her design white with soft trims of blue and blush pink accenting her outfit, and the cute small bows and wing, it’s so my aesthetic! Can I also say how much I really love her powers?! It just feel so like her, and I love that detail about it!

Compared to last week, this one was definitely a more enjoyable episode. I am quite happy to see Ageha’s character be introduced this early on, and I must say I already adore her. Better yet, I really like that they made it so that Mashiro and Ageha are childhood friends. This will just makes it so much easier for Ageha to mesh with the group. They really went ahead to make it clear that she’s eighteen, and is already looking to enrol into Welfare and Nursery Care vocational school in order to pursue her dream of becoming a Nursery Teacher.

In light of the subject of Ageha pursuing her dreams, it did make Mashiro realize that she has no dreams of her own at the moment of what she wants to be when she grows up. Fortunately she didn’t get too stressed out about it, but her reaction upon that realization was hilarious. In-fact, I think Mashiro is probably going to be that character whose level-headed logic and her response to various instances, such as today when saw Kabaton’s very obvious trap plain as day, and even pointed it out to Sora, which unfortunately flew right over her head. Her incredulous responses like “Is this a skit?” offers some realism to the otherworldly incidents that unfolds before her eyes.

On the flip side, Sora’s the complete opposite in this case. This episode really exposed the range of her carelessness that makes her the susceptible type to be screwed over by the enemies. And not only that, she is absolutely terrible at keeping secrets, and is so good-natured to a fault, that for others who have a healthy level of suspicions to things that otherwise look off, Sora makes herself an easy target for Kabaton’s cheesy traps, which is why he was able to steal away her pen that could have been avoided entirely.

That said, while it was largely the result of Sora’s hasty response, I do appreciate that we’re actually seeing Kabaton use his head (especially this early on) of stealing away the source that would enable them to take form as  Precure in order to improve his chances to kidnap Princess Ellee. But Kabaton’s laziness and failure to act quickly when he had an opportunity to try and steal Mashiro’s pen when it first manifested itself sort of watered down his accomplishments to an extent. I think it might have been better to see him actually make a move to try to steal  that one too as opposed to trying to talk her out of it because she’s perceived as a “Side Character”. In hindsight, perhaps it’s precisely because he believes that he didn’t actually think she would take the power and become a Precure and thus evolves into what would qualify as a “Protagonist” so to speak.

Overall this was a fun episode, and I am glad that Ageha is already in the loop of the girls being precures. It was actually nice to see that she played a role in helping Mashiro find the courage to take a hold of the pen– though I will confess that I was a bit surprised that Mashiro had hesitated to do so in the first place. Anyways, I am already looking forward to the day Ageha becomes a Precure herself. I’m curious about what order it will be because right now, it seems whoever is put in charge of holding Princess Ellee during a fight, is fated to become a Precure next, HAHA! It’s like passing the baton around, but in this case, it’s a magical baby!

Next week, looks like Sora got some issues she needs to work out since it appears she’s being plagued by some nightmares. I’m interested in seeing what’s the cause for that!


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  1. J. Yu

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Mashiro’s grandma knows too much! And now she’s cryptically spewing things about “fate” and casually having tea with that bird. She knows way more than what a scholar is expected to know.

    I have to say that Mashiro becoming Cure Prism had such a good payoff thanks to the buildup from the past few episodes, and the best part is that it all felt so natural! Heck, it’s amazing how much they were juggling in terms of story beats in Episode 4 and still manage to make it work. Ageha’s introduction, Mashiro and Ageha’s background, Kabaton raising the stakes by stealing Sora’s pen, Mashiro’s mini character arc to becoming her own hero… I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they do with Cure Wing and Cure Butterfly.

  2. Eva

    Notice: Episode 5 entry will be released as a double-post with ep 6 next week!
    (03/11/2023 EDIT FIXED! Sorry for the confusion! Previously listed as Ep 6 & 7, meant to be 5 & 6.)

    1. madfinn

      Dumb question, do you mean that the episode 5 entry will be a double-post with episode 6 or will the episode 5 entry will be a separate one?

      1. Eva

        The post will consist Ep 5 and 6. Sorry that was a typo on my part. ;;;;;;;; Thanks for letting me know!

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