Mitsuha finally helped Adelaide in her debut party, using all sorts of modern technology and delicious foods that she brought from her world to hold an extravagant party that impresses all the noble guests attending. I like how Mitsuha is doesn’t restrain herself in making the party a success not only to help Adelaide, but also to get her share of profit. Though maybe she overdid it with the foods as they were so delicious that the nobles expected more to be served, leading to a last-minute dishes to be made. I am amazed by Mitsuha’s leadership. She’s able to come up with improvised meals to give to the guests by using ingredients available and lift up the spirits of the workers who were close to break down from exhaustion. Thanks to that, she’s able to save bring the party to a satisfying close for both Adelaide and her family and the guests.

Though I had expected it, it’s still sad to see that they didn’t straight-up do a cosplay of Saber like they did in the manga, instead replacing the armor with ordinary knight armor and close the show with Adelaide simply swinging down her sword. It’s still cool, but I much prefer the part where she quoted Saber, showing how much of an otaku both Mitsuha and her brother are. XD


The success of Adelaide’s debutante ball brought more attention to Mitsuha and her store, giving her more customers. Unfortunately, she also gained unwanted attention from a chef of a baron who became dissatisfied with his cooking because it was pale in comparison to the dishes that Mitsuha prepared during the debutante ball, especially the fresh fishes. Not only that, she also must lie to Claus and his family about all the modern equipment she got. On one hand, she’s able to help Adelaide and her family while also getting profit, but on the other hand, she must face the consequence of her decision to bring modern technologies to the less-advanced another world. For the time being, she’s able to give an acceptable explanation, but in the long run, this might come back to bite her.

We also get to learn that in this world, noble children are already engaged at the age of 10 and allowed to get married at the age of 15. For a girl like Mitsuha who’s not only older than she looked but also has yet to find love let alone getting married, this came as a surprise. Furthermore, Claus and Iris have already considered Mitsuha as their own daughter and it’s not difficult to see that they’re planning to set her up to marry into their family, officially making her their true daughter. Mitsuha caught up on their intention and able to delay any plan of her engagement. Romance has never been that apparent throughout my reading in the manga, so I never expected any romance from this series. But if Mitsuha were to end up with anyone, so far, Alexis is the most likely to happen. Probably, but the possibility is very low to happen right now.


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