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Continuing Hyoma’s newfound curiosity about Botan, he didn’t beat around the bush and straight out told her that he wants to know more about her. Comically, the way Hyoma asked Botan could easily be misunderstood as him asking her out, which understandably shocked Botan, Kagami, and Haori. Fortunately, Botan was too focused on handing out her assignment at college to properly process what Hyoma said and the misunderstanding was quickly cleared after Hyoma explained himself to Kagami and Haori that he meant it as wanting to know what makes Botan so special to other tsukumogami.

To answer Hyoma’s question, Haori has Hyoma accompany her on a “date”, which was really them just secretly tailing Botan without her realizing while pretending to be a couple. Obviously, pretending to be a couple is out of a question as Hyoma is still reluctant when it comes to tsukumogami. However, Hyoma didn’t push Haori away despite his reservations, showing that he has grown more tolerant in making a contact with tsukumogami, at least for the Nagatsuki tsukumogami. The transition between a flashback of him and his siblings to Botan and her tsukumogami guardians really hit me as Hyoma is starting to see that the relationship between Botan and her tsukumogami guardians is no different from the relationship between him and his deceased older siblings, a family.

Haori finally gave us the answer as to why Botan’s presence is exceptional. Despite her look, Botan is not an ordinary human for she carries a marebito. Marebito is some sort of godly being that usually possesses inanimate objects and creates tsukumogami. Botan, being a human yet possessed by a marebito, is a special existence that can either be helpful or a threat for both humans and tsukumogami. Because it’s not yet known what kind of power that Botan has and what kind of impact she has should that power awakened, both tsukumogami and humans formed an unwritten law: never try to take advantage of Botan. This is why Hyoma’s involvement in Botan’s life is being questioned by others who suspected that the Kunato are trying to use her.

Botan’s unusual condition also gave a negative impact in her life, particularly her childhood. Because children are more sensitive in sensing supernatural power, other children avoided Botan because even though they couldn’t see the marebito inside of her, they could feel its overwhelming presence enough to make them afraid of Botan, leaving the poor girl without any friends. Even adults who tried to help her eventually drift away, so Botan only has her tsukumogami to accompany her. As she grew up, it seemed that her condition got better, considering she has friends at the university she’s attending. But as someone who had grown up without many friends, I can understand Botan’s loneliness and fear of being left behind.

Hyoma has proven himself again to be a good husband candidate for Botan. Unlike other people who feared and left Botan after knowing her condition and situation, Hyoma instead is concerned for Botan’s well-being and it was precisely because knowing what Botan has to go through that Hyoma became all the more determined to protect her. To make it even better, rather than pointing out the bad possible outcomes that may come if sticking with her, Hyoma expressed his admiration for her strength in enduring and overcoming her hardship. After years of being shunned, Hyoma’s words is everything that Botan could ask for. Yeah, these two are truly for each other! XD


Aogi, the tsukumogami who attacked Hyoma, once again made his appearance by visiting the Nagatsuki household. With the revelation of Hyoma staying with Botan, the other tsukumogami groups have their eyes on him. Aogi’s group accepted the reason that Hyoma is staying as part of his training, but there are three groups that aren’t convinced with that reason: Sougenbi, Kadomori, and Gagaku Office. These three sounds like some big shots who are not to be taken lightly, especially Gagaku Office that is one of three major groups. They are very skeptical with Hyoma’s presence in the household and worried that he might stimulate the hidden power within Botan.

The first group to make their move is the Kadomori. They invited Hyoma to meet them with excuse that he must get their permission first if he wants to continue his activities in regard to tsukumogami. In just a glance, yeah, I don’t like the old geezer Kadomori and his two goons. Not only they misjudged Hyoma as a pampered brat simply because of his age and being the successor of Saenome Clan, Kadomori viewed Botan as a monster that is better not existing that he directly asked Hyoma to eliminate Botan and her tsukumogami. As if that wasn’t the worst of it, they consider tsukumogami as nothing but disposable pawns, a total opposite of Hyoma’s grandfather and Botan who treats them like they do with people. Objectively speaking, however, I could understand Kadomori’s reasoning. What he did is certainly immoral but he only has the best interest at heart for the protection of humans.

On the other hand, I think I’m going to like Tsubaki. She’s acquainted with Hyoma’s older siblings and took a liking for Hyoma after he has proven himself to the point of taking his side. From the way Kadomori reacted, she’s undoubtedly strong. I have my eyes on her alright.

It’s pretty satisfying when Hyoma revealed that he is not some pampered boy that they believed him to be. Opposite from what they believed, Hyoma has already started his tsukumogami hunting since he was 12 years old, no doubt after his siblings were killed. The weapons he used to fight turned out to be more than just weapons left behind by his siblings, they are actually ritual tools of Kunato Household passed down directly from Saenokami, Chibiki-Iwa. The fact that Hyoma is using an important weapon showed how much Hyoma, since the age of 12, was more than determined to kill the tsukumogami that he hated so much. On top of it, he had killed a notorious tsukumogami Onigawara at mere age of 18.

Unlike before, however, Hyoma’s hatred for tsukumogami has certainly mellowed. There’s still hatred in him, but the days he spent with the Nagatsuki household has sprout a feeling of sympathy within Hyoma, a sympathy for the very beings he hate, particularly those that he learned are not as bad as he thought them to be. Kadomori realized this change and exploited it by pitting Hyoma against Yagen. Too bad for the old man, while risky, Hyoma has the skill and instinct to not only free Yagen but also counterattack him. TAKE THAT YOU DANG GEEZER!

For a second, I was surprised when Hyoma just accepted the geezer’s lie that he’s just testing him and didn’t really mean what he said. I was a bit worried that Hyoma might be one of those simple-minded protagonist type who just believed what people said. A relief that he’s not buying that bullshit. Hyoma is not really the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is by no means a fool who cannot sense ill intent from someone. He knew that Kadomori does view Botan as a monster and most likely only accepted his excuse as to not prolong the fight.

I am pleased there’s more Hyoma x Botan moment here. They finally opened up more about each other. Hyoma revealed that the umbrella tsukumogami that killed his siblings was a tsukumogami that his siblings tried to save. Hyoma witnessing his siblings being killed by the one they tried to save only for that person to stab them in the back and even took delight in killing them must’ve been traumatizing. It’s also understandable why Hyoma didn’t bother to save tsukumogami before he met Botan because he believed tsukumogami would harm people the same way his siblings’ killer did and so didn’t see any meaning in trying to save them. I’m very happy with the progress of their relationship, especially now that they’re trying on first name basis. It’s surprising that Hyoma actually said his relationship with Botan is not yet an engaged couple. Maybe he just misspoke due to embarrassment, but who knows, maybe deep down he actually does consider that option. (^W^)

Last but not the least, we got a brief look of the umbrella tsukumogami responsible for killing Hyoma’s siblings. Sure she was shown in the opening sequence but I held my opinion about her gender until now. The umbrella tsukumogami for some reason is interested in learning more about Hyoma. I can only guess that it has something to do with their past that led for her to kill his older brother and sister.


Huh, never thought that they’re going for another action so soon. This time, Hyoma once again teamed up with Yu, and surprisingly also with Tsubaki and Aogi to fight against another faction, Sougenbi, that consisted of tsukumogami based on torture and execution tools. Yeah, just that fact alone is enough to know these guys are bad news. But from what I see, rather than having a particular grudge or the sort against humans, the Sougenbi hurt people solely because the vessels they were based on are torturing and execution tools. They simply act in accordance with their purpose as torturing and execution tools, which is to inflict pain on humans.

This episode further highlight the consequence of Hyoma living in the Nagatsuki household. What was originally only for the sake of Hyoma understanding that tsukumogami are not black and white like he believed and finding a husband candidate for Botan has turned into a huge problem for him and everyone else because Sougenbi interpreted Hyoma’s situation as an act of breaking the unwritten rule, giving them an excuse to make their move. I wonder if this is truly the last I’m gonna see the Sougenbi. If it is, I’m disappointed because I expected them to have more role in the story.

Aside from all the actions, I am once again amused by Hyoma and Yu’s interaction. These two are still far from getting along well as friends. Yu is still the only one who disapprove of Hyouma becoming Botan’s husband and would take any chances to prove that he is not worthy. And it’s very funny to watch how they are totally not in sync. Yu blinked at Hyouma to tell him to get away, only for Hyouma to interpret it as them attacking together. He is so sure that’s what she meant that he smiled confidently only to receive a scolding made it all the more hilarious LOL

I wonder if there’ll be a love triangle between Botan-Hyoma-Tsubaki. Not that I’m going to expect that unless it’s going to give Hyoma and Botan’s relationship another progress. (^_^)


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