The arrival of the dragon seemed to be a turning point of the battlefield in the enemy’s favor…nah, not really. True, the dragon was more powerful than the other monsters, but by using her teleportation skill and Wolf Fang’s arsenal, Mitsuha successfully overpowered the dragon and forced him to retreat without any casualty on her side. I never expected a top-tier action sequence from this anime, so the war ended at that was satisfying enough for me. Additionally, the Wolf Fang got one of dragon’s fangs as their trophy. For their feat, Mitsuha and the Wolf Fang were hailed as heroes and were presented reward from the king himself. But of course, Mitsuha would be the only one present while the Wolf Fang return to their world.

As always, Mitsuha didn’t miss the chance to get more money as her reward, even if it means she must lying shamelessly to get them. When she hired Wolf Fang, she promised 40,000 Gold for their service, a money that she didn’t have but planned to get from the king as the reward for fighting for the country. That’s why Mitsuha made up another sob story of how the Wolf Fang broke their country’s rule by using the sacred weapons (the military arsenals that really belonged to Wolf Fang) without permission and involved themselves in other country’s affair will cause them and their family to be punished for it. As Mitsuha hoped for, the story earned her and the Wolf Fang sympathy from other nobles and the king who willingly donated some golds to repay them, and thus, Mitsuha didn’t need to worry about unable to pay the Wolf Fang. While this is play for laughs, I’m wondering if there’ll be the day where her lie would be exposed or she’ll have to face some sort of ramification of the lie she made up. (^_^;)

Mitsuha also used this opportunity to get an official citizenship, but she got more than she expected by being granted a title of Viscountess Yamano, making her a noble. Since she’s a noble now, she got her own territory or fief that she’ll need to take care of from now own. As the result, Mitsuha now must close her shop and move to her new home where she took Colette to work with her. In a way, this was a good thing for Mitsuha. As not only she’ll get more gold from working as a feudal lord, she’ll also learn to be responsible in taking care of the people living in her fief and how to spend her money.

Also, no surprises, Alexis survived the attack thanks to Mitsuha taking him to her world so he could be healed with the modern technology. His self-sacrificing act also earned him a title of Viscount, a title of his own that is separate from his father. Alexis took pride in this accomplishment and determined to eventually raise his rank with his own power. I have to give him a praise for this. Seeing him like this, he’s not just the flirt that he made himself out to be during his first appearance.

And for the Wolf Fang, after getting the dragon fang, they sold it to a researcher that made it into a headline. However, the Wolf Fang was smart enough not to bring up the matter of another world to the said researcher and convinced him to make up a story that the dragon fang was accidently made in his lab. The Wolf Fang still owns the patent of the fang and gained money from it enough for them to retire, but instead of living the life of indulgence with the money they have, they decided to continue their work as mercenaries because that’s the only thing they’re good at. As long as they’re still healthy enough to continue their line of work, retiring is not something they’ll consider anytime soon. And Mitsuha would be the client they’ll prioritize should the need arise for her to require their service once more.

Despite the changes made that made the comedy not as funny, I still enjoyed watching this series as whole. Mitsuha is a loveable protagonist and the cast around her provided amusing reactions to her antics and surprises. The manga and novel are still ongoing, so the possibility of Season 2 or more is not far-fetched.


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