Runa really did one of the dirtiest things in the book, set Akane up to be meeting with a complete stranger. And to make it even worse, she had organized it from her brother’s account, setting her up so that she’d be facing with a Rurihime fanboy. It was all because she selfishly didn’t want anyone to join their circle, shaking up the current relationships they have right now. She even had the audacity to claim Eita should’ve gotten her permission first— when he is the one who formed this guild in the first place, not her! Her initial stubborn refusal to apologize and fail to acknowledge just how fucking dangerous of a stunt she pulled was incredibly grating to watch. But the irony of her intentions is that had this gone wrong and anything had happened to Akane, the very circle she is trying to protect for herself would have undoubtedly been destroyed. Luckily for her, she didn’t set her up with a complete psycho, but she certainly sent a weirdo that made Akane very uncomfortable and gave her a brief scare.

She was also very lucky that Yamada had just happened to be with Akane when she had called to set up her stunt. He knew something was something off to begin with since he knew that he was supposed to be tutoring Runa that day. Later after the incident happened he felt apologetic for not saying something sooner, especially when this whole thing could have been avoided entirely.

As for Eita, man he has the right to be really pissed off and he ought to change his password or at least look to log out properly next time. Had he done so, Runa wouldn’t have been able to access his account. But in hindsight, because she did they were able to find out where they were supposed to meet up since she stubbornly refused to tell them herself. Although we didn’t get to see him lecture her in full, we can certainly count on him doing that off-screen. This isn’t an issue he’s about to let slide.

Kamota was absolutely amazing though ahahaha, but the poor guy really got a scare because Eita had exaggerated the story so that he’d come rushing with the car. He was told Akane had been kidnapped– goodness Eita, that’s a bit much, I think explaining the situation as it was would have been sufficient enough for him to come running– and instead of Yamada (who was looking to step in) it was Kamota who bolted straight to the scene and even though he was freaking terrified I absolutely loved how he was so protective and was screaming, “I HAVE A LAWYER FRIEND!” What a gem this man is! The length’s he’d go to protect his fellow guildmate he barely knows. Respect!

On the flip-side, we have the guy who had been set up by Runa to meet Akane. Good grief… What a mess. First off, he basically did the same thing as Akane did last week where despite being told otherwise, they were fixated to believing the person in front of them were Rurihime. But this one was even worse because there was no one else there to debunk it. And then if that wasn’t bad enough, even though he had good intentions, he scared the crap out of Akane when he went into the ladies room, trying to open the door when she said no, and then only AFTER that he decides to slide the painkiller medicine under the door (WHICH HE SHOULD’VE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE), BUT NOT THAT IT MATTERS ANYWAYS BECAUSE WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD ACCEPT MEDICINE FROM A COMPLETE STRANGER?!?!?! Like bro, there were so many better and sensible ways to go about it!!!! SO OF COURSE AKANE WOULD FREAK OUT!

And speaking of Akane, as the victim of the stunt, she certainly had the patience of a saint to shrug it off the incident in order to not ruin her chances of befriending Runa properly. While some may throw their arms up in the arm about why she’d do such a thing, I kind of understand why she went about it this way. Since she really likes this guild, ruffling the feathers of the group dynamic is the last thing she wants to do. Obviously varying on circumstances, sometimes it’s just best to walk away from it (though that would have made Runa’s plan successful). But in this case, the matter had been dealt with, and thanks to the way she went about it. Akane recognized that to Runa these guys are her precious friends, so the reason why she wanted to meet her was to ask if she would let her join their circle. This prompted Runa to finally apologize because she simply couldn’t deal with the fact Akane wasn’t lecturing her after everything that had happened. I suppose one could also say this could be attributed to killing with kindness– though it’s only can be considered as such because of the way things panned out.

With that said, even though Akane has forgiven Runa and everything is fine and dandy now, Runa will have to do more to redeem herself in my book. Not only her actions were despicable, but her initially refusal to apologize really didn’t do her any favours to gain any appeal points. In fact I found it rather laughable that she only felt the need to when she Akane had whacked her knee on the chair and asked if it hurt— like GIRL, YOU NEED TO SET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. Anyhow, we’ll have to see how their friendship develops from here on out. Akane claims she is good at befriending girls, so we’ll have to see how than pans out.


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