I apologize for the late post. There was an unexpected circumstances that made me late. Here we go, the second episode of Mashle.

Mash began his first step to fulfil his dream of living a peaceful life with his grandfather, which is taking admission test to get into Easton Academy, a school where people learned magic and the most exceptional students could become a Divine Visionary, a title big enough to change the law. Mash intends to become one so he can change the law for the ones born without a mark to be allowed to live freely and peacefully.

Being a magic school, of course the tests required the attendees to use magic. At first, it looked difficult for Mash since he’s incapable of using magic, but Mash quickly surpassed everyone’s expectation in his usual absurd way that would make Saitama proud. With his inhuman strength, he somehow found a way to pass each and every test by making it look like he used magic when in reality he’s just using his body strength and bit of intimidation. I couldn’t…! I couldn’t just stop from smiling widely watching how Mash succeeded and how the ones looking reacted! XD

The last test before the interview, was no doubt a maze straight-up coming from Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire maze. It was here that we were introduced to the only girl among the five main characters who has the name as yellow as her blond hair, Lemon Irvine. My first impression on her, she’s the meek girl who was easy to be manipulated. Clearly, she’s not strong in both magic and physical fight just as she looks. Though she said she was told by the examiner, whom I won’t bother remembering the name, to delay Mash so he’ll fail the final test, I believe that she’s truly clumsy throughout their way out the maze and it wasn’t an act when she got stuck with the traps.

Yes, Lemon has indeed tricked Mash and tried to stop him, but I praise her courage for speaking up the truth on Mash’s defense after he saved her. Furthermore, even though I won’t excuse her attempt in trying to stop Mash, I could understand her desperation in getting admitted into Easton for the sake of her poor family. Besides, she immediately developed a crush on Mash and no doubt would become one of his loyal supporters. Usually, I’d be annoyed by characters who developed a crush on someone due to a misunderstanding, but how Lemon fell for Mash was too funny that I’ll let it off the hook. It’s hilarious how both Lemon and Mash interpreted each other’s words differently. Lemon might be a bit delusional believing that Mash also likes her back, but from what I see so far, she’s not as delusional as some characters to the extreme. Opposite of those characters, Lemon’s crush and delusion made her cute instead of annoying and I hope it continues that way.

It’s a relief that the headmaster of the school, Wahlberg, was a kind and open-minded person, just like Dumbledore. Sorry, but because I could see too much of Harry Potter parody here, I couldn’t help but equated Wahlberg with Dumbledore. (^_^;)

My reaction is exactly the same, Finn! XD

Because of Mash’s kindness and strong determination, he passed the interview session, allowing him to attend the academy. Sure enough, Mash’s lack of magic became quite a problem for him during classes that required him to use one, though for now he’s able to get by somehow and presented himself as a class clown or a slacker in the eyes of the teacher. We’re introduced to another one of the main characters, Finn Ames, a character I could see a lot of similarities with myself. It wasn’t difficult to conclude that Finn would serve as the straight-man in Mashle’s antics and also as an introduction guide to how the school works, especially in regards to become a Divine Visionary. He looked the most normal and common sense of the bunch, the typical best friend character. I think I’ll be able to relate to him in many ways. I hope to see a character development for Finn in the future.


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