Continuing the start of Mash’s life at the academy, Mash earned himself a reputation of a class clown from his Mcgonagall-like teacher for not properly following his lesson. Because of his inability to use magic, he also earned unwanted attention from the typical bullies who tried to humiliate him. Loyd, the ringleader of the bully, reminded me of Malfoy, courtesy to his blond hair and signature green-colored scarf that no doubt based on the Slytherin house. On top of it, of course, was his arrogance and sense of superiority for being backed up by his father who of high rank that allowed him to get preferential treatment from the vice-principal. Bullies never stopped getting on my nerves, especially bullies like this Malfoy look-alike who took advantage of a meek student just because they could.

The meek student who became Loid’s victim was none other than Finn, Mash’s new roommate. From the very beginning, Finn was reluctant to associate himself with Mash due to the latter’s lack of common sense. I figured that he’s the type to be bullied and taken advantage of. However, he’s surprisingly observant. He’s capable of seeing how Mash threw his broomstick at unbelievable speed and and then jumped on it to make it looked like he rode his broom at highspeed. No other students, even including the teacher, able to see what he actually did. I am certain that Finn has more potential to be better than he himself believed, he just needed confidence. Mash was precisely the friend that Finn needs.

Perhaps because Mash used to live isolated from outside world, but I was still a bit surprised that he’s gullible to Loid’s bullying and just did as the jerk told him to after being promised he’ll put up a good word to the vice-principal to make him Divine Visionary. He also completely ignorant to Finn’s rejection to share his textbook when his was torn up by Loid’s lackeys and instead considered him a good friend. However, it was Mash’s sincerity in calling Finn as his friend was what gave Finn the push to stop listening to Loid. Finn has always been looked down upon, so for the first time having someone genuinely called him a reliable friend touched his heart, making his already piling guilt burst out. With Mash as his friend, Finn took the first step to grow as a person by finally stood up against Loid.

Props to Mash for giving those jerks Loid and the vice-principal the beating they deserved. Albeit, I have to say that he unexpectedly took things too far by actually burying the vice-principal. He might have done so for Finn’s sake, but another of Mash’s negative aspect was that he didn’t think far ahead the consequence of his action. If not for the principal covering for him, he would’ve been expelled, which would kill the very reason why he began attending the academy. About the principal, it’s obvious that he knew that Mash was actually markless, but decided to turn blind eye because he also wished to change the view of the ones born without a mark and also dethrone the self-serving people like Loid and replaced them with caring people like Mash. Principal, I am so glad you’re here.

The next episode, we’ll have Mash participate in a Duelo Match, a sport competition that is really a Quidditch match from Harry Potter. Just like how Harry was recruited into the team despite still being in first year, Mash was also invited into the team even though he just started his first year thanks to his (fake) display of broom riding speed during the class. His team even wore a jacket similar to Gryffindor’s red jacket. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll get enough with this Harry Potter parody! XD

Now, with his lack of magic, how will Mash do in Duelo? What kind of shenanigans he’ll deliver that’ll bring out laugh from me next? lol


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